Cancer skulked in the shadows of your precious life, and waited for the exact moment of pure happiness to attack. It gained forceful control over your glory, while stomping on the hearts of those who care most for you. It left you powerless with medications that only made you excessively ill and unable to look at your reflection without feeding into the endless insecurity and unimaginable doubt. It is awfully easy to speak as an outsider who has not experienced true pain, pain that not only damaged your physical body, but pain that prevented a visualization of peace.

Cancer does not define you, though it does remain a vital part of your captivating story. This piece of your story demanded that you prepare for the disruptive madness that was in store for you, yet it failed to give you insight beforehand that such horror was on its way to haunt you. The hardships of cancer that you were unexpectedly handed, tested your willingness to challenge such a terrorizing force. As cancer attempted to rob you of your unforgettable spirit, you found reasons and abilities to avoid letting such a cloud of darkness burden you and your surroundings. As cancer pushed to destroy your perception of hope, you found the desire to comfort your family. Although, you were the one that needed an escape of such dreadful pains that overshadowed the excitement for life you were once consumed in. Your strength has taught me a lot about struggle. I never understood the meaning of pain until witnessing your delightful energy transition into an inescapable fear as the possibility of death suddenly arose. Every moment you were filled with dread and despair that made you feel unbelievably alone, as the people who love you most stood questioning how to help without the needed powers to heal you. Yet, these powers surfaced from within because you were able to undermine such darkness with outstanding perseverance.

Through the constant cycle of tortures, you have defined the term "hero" by refusing to let go of your dedication, passions, and efforts in all that you stand for.

The fear in your heart did not prevent you from remodeling your already successful business into a work of art.

You were there for your employees every single day to offer your expertise and guidance even after your wretched chemotherapy treatments. As your balding became apparent and your weakness troubled your movements, you maintained the role of an exceptional boss.

You continued to be a flawless father, uncle, husband, son, and friend even when faced with the ultimate form of gloom. Your selfless character shined through your inner hurting as you cared deeply about every detail of your family's life despite your mental and physical anguish.

You engaged with fascinating levels of motivation that fought against cancer wishing to change your life routine. You were a warrior even when you could foresee the possibility of your life ending.

Even after incredibly defeating this monster, you will continue to be our source of inspiration.