Five budget friendly travel destinations
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5 Budget-Friendly Places To Travel To This Summer

We don't need a picture perfect, expensive getaway in order to make this summer one to remember.

5 Budget-Friendly Places To Travel To This Summer

The stigma of summer is that in order to have a great summer that you must travel to some amazing place and post it all over Instagram. While those places sound and are amazing, they tend to break the bank. Being as the majority of us are college students, we don't really have a lot of money to just throw at a vacation. I want to tell you about ten places you can visit this summer that won't break the bank.

1. Take a trip to a local beach 


While my college may be in Missouri and have no beach nearby, you can always take a weekend road trip with some friends and drive down to Florida or South Carolina and enjoy an inexpensive beach getaway. You don't have to travel all the way to Hawaii or Europe in order to enjoy a little sand and water.

2. Day trip hikes on local trails


Some of the best trips are ones where you explore around the area you live in. One way you can do this is to check out any local hiking spots or trails nearby.

3. Day trip to a local downtown shopping area


If hiking is not your thing, I recommend taking a day trip to a local town you may have not been to and walk around their downtown shopping district and check out some local coffee shops or restaurants.

4. Visit a National Park


Visit a national park is probably one of the most rewarding places you could ever visit and most of the parks are free to visit. Like, the Great Smokey Mountains.

5. Go on a cruise


While in the past, going on a cruise vacation was a luxury but now they have become more affordable and still include luxury amenities.

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