Regardless of whether you're into Broadway or not, you've probably heard of the play "Hamilton." The Tony and Grammy award wining hip-hop musical about the founding father, Alexander Hamilton, is taking over Broadway by a storm. So what makes "Hamilton" a successful musical? The fact of being one of the first hip-hop musicals about the American Revolution, demonstrates how history can be entertaining and educational. "Hamilton" tells the story of the founding of America in a way that looks very different from conventional history textbooks.

It may sound cheesy that history is being made into a Broadway musical; however, discover it yourself on this remarkable play, with talented actors portraying politicians and the catchy songs along with it. The soundtrack of "Hamilton" has caught attention worldwide; the dialogue of Alexander Hamilton and how he heads to New York, where he encounters a rival (Aaron Burr), and a group of politically-minded friends, becoming entangled in the twists and turns of the budding American revolution. Since its success, "Hamilton" has won the 2016 Pulitzer Prize for Drama, joining as one of the only 9 musicals in history to win. "Hamilton" also made history on getting nominated for 16 Tony Awards, winning 11. To add more of the "Hamilton" unending buzz , it also won a Grammy for best musical theater.

While "Hamilton" is a world wide phenomenon, the majority of fans haven't seen the musical yet. The reason is because tickets have been sold out for months, for the whole year of 2016. The original main cast has announced their final performance of "Hamilton" will be on July 9th. Tickets have been selling for more than $10,000 for the final performance. While there still isn't a film version yet, its still in the process for those who haven't had the chance to watch Lin Miranda portray his famous role as Alexander Hamilton in a PBS Special coming this Fall. "Hamilton" has become a world favorite and game changer, there is a reason why the word is still obsessed with this musical.