A Brief Review Of Adele's "25"
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A Brief Review Of Adele's "25"

Grab the tissues.

A Brief Review Of Adele's "25"
That Grape Juice

In a time when finals are either in the process of mentally and emotionally destroying you, or have already done their duty, it's nice to take a little break from the stress and listen to some quality tunes. Some may choose from a more upbeat selection, while most will be turning their heads to our queen of the power ballad, Adele. "25," Adele's third album, was released on Nov. 20th, and is literally forcing us into a state of emotional devastation over rocky relationships and exes that we don't even have. Here's a brief review of what to expect:

1. "Hello"

The jam of the year. If you know any song from the album, it's this one. This song is about Adele reaching out to her younger self, apologizing for putting herself in the position of being emotionally distraught after being dumped by the one she used to love. I can relate, particularly when I eat far too much during Thanksgiving dinner and have to apologize to my younger self (from about 2 hours before) for doing that to myself. Regardless, this song is an anthem, and will be blasted in cars at 1am alone by people across the world for years to come.

Feeling: like crying

2. "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)"

This song is essentially giving your favorite ex that special little finger that you only give to your absolute FAVORITE people. "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" is the goodbye song to the person that you can surely live the rest of your life without. So great to listen to when there's someone who you're definitely ready to send on their merry way. PEACE OUT BRO.

Feeling: sassy

3. "I Miss You"

Take a hot second to guess what this song is about. The lyrics are a little RISKAYYYYY as the kids say, though the song is all about missing every aspect of the relationship that has since ended. The beat is almost hypnotizing, and is another song to belt when no one is around to hear it (or when everyone is around to hear it, your choice.)

Feeling: nostalgic

4. "When We Were Young"

This song makes the tears fall out faster than me running out of my bedroom when I hear dinner is ready (yes, two food jokes in one article. Doing great so far.) This is all about cherishing the amazing memories you've made over the years, and to hold them close to your heart for the rest of your life. The song is wonderful, but it's takes on a whole new level when Adele whips out that high note. Quality.

Feeling: nostalgic x 2

5. "Remedy"

WOW, WHAT A SURPRISE. NOT EVEN HALFWAY THROUGH THE ALBUM AND ENOUGH TEARS HAVE BEEN SHED TO FILL A SMALL POOL. "Remedy" is playing the consoling friend looking at a broken relationship and trying to be the helping hand. This is a classic Adele ballad that is sure to bring out the emotions full-force.

Feeling: weak from the sadness

6. "Water Under the Bridge"

"Water Under the Bridge" is about trying to make a relationship work. Relationships are obviously a rollercoaster (not the fun kind) and it can get rough. But overcoming these obstacles glues the two broken pieces of the relationship together, making it stronger than before. This song is more hopeful than most other songs on this album, which is what makes it stand out.

Feeling: ...hopeful? Unheard of.

7. "River Lea"

The Lea is a highly polluted river in London located right around where Adele grew up. This song is essentially blaming her failed relationships on the polluted waters of the river that metaphorically flow inside of her. It's where she came from, and she blames who she is and why things ended they way they did "on the River Lea." A soulful performance layered over a Southern organ. Claps all around for Adele.

Feeling: like Adele is killing it

8. "Love in the Dark"

This song is about a relationship as well. You probably wouldn't have ever guessed such a thing. But this time, Adele is the one who wants out. There's so much emotion in this song that you will go to itch your eye and find that there is water leaking from the sockets. Woops.

Feeling: like staying in bed with tears forming damp puddles in my pillow

9. "Million Years Ago"

This song is all about fame and the consequences of becoming an international superstar (so relatable, I know.) Essentially, Adele misses what life used to be like before everyone recognized her. It's a different style than all her other songs, and the lyrics are prime.

Feeling: nostalgic x 100000

10. "All I Ask"

The overall message of this song: "It matters how this ends." This is an extremely soppy, emotional song about wanting to end things on a high note, since the way things end is what sticks with people the most. In my opinion, the emotion in Adele's voice is so real. It makes the song 1 billion times better, and therefore 1 billion times sadder.

Feeling: like hunting down Adele and giving her hug (+ crying)

11. "Sweetest Devotion"

One of my personal favorites, this song is all about Adele's son and the love from him that make her feel at home whenever they're together (TEARS). This is a unique song on the album as it erupts into an almost gospelly-rock sort of sound (I completely made that up but just go with it) that's just as strong as the love she has for her son.

Feeling: like Adele is bae and more flawless than anyone will ever be

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