Let's Breakdown That 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Teaser Trailer

Let's Breakdown That 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' Teaser Trailer

Star Wars nothing but Star Wars!

Currently trending as the number one video on youtube, the newest teaser trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi was released on April 14th at the Star Wars Celebration event in Orlando and already has 16 million views and counting.

I was one of the many who sadly only got to watch it online but just had to talk about it. As mentioned in previous articles when I watch things alone, it's mostly just me rambling with myself and shouting at the TV about what is going on when I'm getting really into it. That being said, of course I wanted to blog about my little notes and theories I already have from watching the trailer. Let's just say that if any of my English teachers see this, I'm sure they are going to see how much enthusiasm I didn't have to catching metaphors and messages in books, such as Catcher in the Rye, and instead just saved it all up for things like this! If you haven't seen it yet, you can watch it below to understand what on earth I'm talking about. I will also include the time stamps so you can see where I paused it.

Time Stamp: 0:12

Notes: I just noticed this was almost exactly the same way The Force Awakens teaser started where we had Finn's head pop up and he was also heavily gasping for air.

What's happening here?

My guess: She probably just had another vision that was same one we kind of saw in the Force Awakens,when she grabbed Luke's lightsaber. Fingers crossed that maybe this will show the scene where we find out who her parents are! My guess is, that it's either gonna be somewhere around the theories of her being Obi Wan's granddaughter (the theory I like the most), her being Palpatine's granddaughter (I could see this one kind of happening), or her showing that she's a baby of the force like Anakin (least favorite one but I get it).

Comedic guess: We all saw that photo of Daisy Ridley carrying Mark Hamhill on her back like Yoda.

Maybe that actually happens in the film and this is the result? I mean come on guys there were a lot of stairs on that island!

Time Stamp: 0:36

Notes: *I love that the trailer music is very central to Rey's theme, which makes me think that this will probably be a very Rey based film, and I love that!

*I am wondering though, how long are they going to spend time on this island?

What's happening here?

My guess: She is probably contemplating something, maybe her vision that I theorized?

Time Stamp: 0:40

Notes: *Darn you Batman vs. Superman, why did I have to think of your last scene when I saw this part?

*Earth Bending Rey.

Time stamp: 0:47

Notes: * Is that Leia?

*Is that an awake Finn to the right of her?

*Are they looking at a copy of Luke's Map or possibly something new?

What's happening here?

My Guess: I think the Resistance has moved to a more space related base for easy getaways and in this scene they are possibly observing new plans made by the First Order or looking for somewhere new to move to? Although if it's First Order involved, I think they are building a new weapon or possibly doing something else that I will talk about later on.

Time Stamp: 0:52

Notes: * My first thought when I saw this, was that this is Kylo Ren's helmet but I'm pretty sure it's Vader's.

* Will we get another viewing of a Kylo Ren temper tantrum where he brakes his equivalent of Wilson the volleyball?

*Another appearance of the nope troopers?

Time Stamp: 1:17

Notes: * Is the First Order possibly mining something like the Empire did to make the Death Star?

*Are those little ships approaching AT-ATs or AT-STs in the distance.

*Whoever is in the middle is not the best driver. Is this Finn and Poe flying again and Poe still hasn't mastered taking off the parking brake?

What's happening here?:

My guess: It's a bit of a desolate dessert so could it be the remains of Jedha after it was destroyed and the First Order is still looking for the Kaiburr crystals for their new weapon? Which would possibly explain why they were flat out mentioned only once with lots of emphasis on them in Rogue One, but never mentioned again after that. Here is my other theory though, is Kylo Ren trying to bring new Jedi's or Padawans to the First Order by mining the crystals for their new red lightsabers?

Time Stamp: 1:20

Notes: *Finn is still asleep!

*Who changed him into Matt Damon's space suit from The Martian?

* He seems to be in a different container with higher tech, which might again prove that the Resistance moved locations. So how is Rey going to find him again? Ah, this better not mess with my vision of them being together.

Time Stamp: 1:23

Notes: * Hello again, space boyfriend Poe Dameron!

* Again this helps prove my theory about the Resistance's new space base because that is definitley space behind them and that is what the hangars usually look like when they are in ships. (Oh god I just realized how much of a nerd I am!)

* Most likely it's the First Order attacking.

Time Stamp: 1:26

Notes: *Ahh Millenium Falcon and Tie Fighters! A sight my nerd heart is so happy to see. Although I have to remember (spoiler alert for Force Awakens) that Han isn't driving it, oh my heart.

*Also we don't really see Chewie in this trailer and I kind of forgot that he's on the island with Rey too.

*Is this the First Order attacking Rey and gang on the island, and this is their escape?

*This trailer is really showing me that the Resistance is not getting very good at hiding.

Time stamp: 1:29

Notes: * First look at Kylo Ren/Ben.

*Possibly a view of the new scar although that may be hair just above his eyebrow.

What's happening here?

My guess: This clip and a few afterwards might be showing the flashback from Luke's point of view of when Kylo Ren attacked Luke making him then go into hiding. If it is, that's pretty brutal that you ganged up on your uncle and your fellow Padawans without your helmet on so they could know it's you attacking them!

Time stamp: 1:40

Notes: Quote-"It's time for the Jedi to end"

*But I don't want it too!

*Is it because you never got the power converters at Toshi station?

*Luke better not die.

Time stamp: 1:48

Notes: *Dear December, I'm ready whenever you are!

*I'm kind of hoping that this is it for trailers though, unless it follows what Force Awakens did with their trailers where they would show you cool things but then leave you completely hanging on what the plot is going to be about.

*In the words of John Boyega, himself here is my overall reaction to the trailer-

Cover Image Credit: Polygon

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