With the rise of social media, a new method of advertising has arisen as well. Brand ambassadorship is a common method for large and small companies alike. As people are so much more accessible through their phones than ever before. Companies are tapping into the resource of our connection to phones and the social atmosphere of these platforms.

These opportunities started with the rise in popularity of vlog-style Youtubers. Those who document most if not every aspect of their daily lives. Brands who found individuals that match their branding selected certain Youtubers to represent and form their image. David Dobrik has amassed many benefits through his partnership with SeatGeek, an app for purchasing inexpensive event tickets, being able to purchase multiple cars and other expensive items.

As always, the opportunities that these large names have trickled down to the everyday citizens. This has manifested in a ridiculous group of people. They are just out there to make a living, but it is very "scammy" in my opinion. Scams are something to watch out for more and more.

I have received countless follows and DMs from girls asking me to "Join their team", saying that "I will make at least $1,000 a month." Basically, these low-tier influencers are promised wealth in a pyramid scheme, and to perform you must incessantly message and follow people on as many platforms as possible.

This just does not seem appealing to me. I am absolutely not knocking ambassadorship but PSA try working with reputable companies, and it will look 10/10 on your resume ladies!

For example, I work for a company called WayUp, not a plug just facts. Through this company, I work on my college campus to earn sign-ups and help connect college students with internships and jobs. A reputable company, their sales are not based on the commerce of product and customer.

They are working to sell a platform that genuinely helps in getting jobs. The only reason that I agreed to this opportunity is that I have first-hand experience in seeking and procuring employment with the company. Rant over, sorry to have missed a few weeks. This semester has been an ABSOLUTE killer, but I am excited to be back and writing! Until next time. -Claudia