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Why I Left My 9-5 Job And Became An Entrepreneur

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You know that term, “Find a job you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” Think about that for a minute and then let me know how you feel. Are you truly happy with where you’re at right this minute in life? Yes, maybe things aren’t where you would like them to be, but ARE YOU HAPPY?

I thought about this every day, waking up to go to my 9-5 office job where I was treated like the office babysitter and barely making enough money to afford my avocado toast. Just kidding! It’s a little ‘millennial’ humor for you.

Here is how a typical day for me used to go: I would wake up around 7/7:30, walk the dog, have some coffee, then get ready to leave for work. The moment I would get into the office, at 9:00, my boss would call. How did he know I was there? Oh, because there was a camera pointed directly at my desk. Nice right? How’s a girl supposed to pick a wedge in private?!

Then, the agents would slowly start to come in. Some were amazing, while other’s were…. Not. These were grown men who couldn’t do anything for themselves. “Jessica, can you fax this?” “Jessica, can you cut these bagels?” “Jessica, can you clean the bathroom….?” I don’t even like cleaning my own bathroom! Let me just backtrack for a second so you do not think that I am some entitled, millennial just giving everyone else a bad name. I wasn’t hired as an office assistant. I was hired as the Social Media Director and very rarely did any social media work.

I started waking up feeling inadequate, used, and just outright annoyed having to go to this job. I was filled with many emotions because on the one hand, yeah I like getting a paycheck, but was it really worth it? Because on the other hand, I was being treated like a nobody after I had busted my hump to get through school.

This wasn’t enough for me, I needed something so much more. For years I have had a love for writing. It was a way to express my feelings and really be heard, even if it was only by a handful of people. Writing is seriously the best therapy! Bad breakup? Write about it! Did something amazing happen today and you just need to share it with the world? Write about it!

Aside from working a typical job, I was (and still am) freelancing for many online publications. But I was able to not only write but learn something new. That was when I decided to take my little blog, and turn it into something so much more: An actual website that other women can relate to. A place where we can all go and say, “Hey! This has happened to me too!”

Was this an easy transition? No way! It took a lot for me to give up my 9-5 money ballin’ paycheck. Just kidding, but it did help pay the bills, (this is where I give my hard-working hubby a shout out for being ridiculously good looking. Oh and supportive!)

It takes A LOT to get something like this off the ground. And being that I have worked at a few startups that didn’t make it past their first year, I needed to make sure I was doing everything correctly. Everything I do on my website is done with honesty and respect. I don’t want to post the sad/depressing issues that are already over the news. I want to post the happy, uplifting, motivating, posts that if they only help 1 person a day, I’m fine with that.

Starting my own venture has also taught me about balance. At first, I was finding myself spending HOURS online researching and working on the website that an entire week had gone by and I didn’t see the light of day. Not smart, not healthy. You need to create a schedule for yourself and stick to it. I found this to be more difficult than giving my 2 weeks notice at work. When it comes to doing things for other people, I am always on my game and extremely organized. When it comes to myself, I’m a walking hot mess. I’m literally staring at a pile of laundry that needs to be folded and put away that I washed last week just resting on the couch. But I heard that laundry needs at least a 7-day resting period? Is that true?

Anyway, I was able to learn how to manage my time and not spend too long on one thing and then not enough on the other. One thing you need to make sure you’re making time for is your family. Yes, launching your own website requires A LOT of time on social media. My site has been live for almost an entire year, but that doesn't mean that I’m finished promoting it. One thing I can tell you is that you will not fail if you put your phone away for a few hours and enjoy everything that life has to offer. For holidays, my phone is completely away, but I’m still able to post. Scheduling out posts the night before is a LIFE-SAVER! You’re able to still engage but not be distracted. We can have our cake and eat it too!

Another question I am asked a lot is how I make money from the site. Unless you have the means to pay for marketing and promotional value, you’ll really need to work on this part. I remember calling a company in regards to marketing and social media to help promote the site and drive in new traffic. Their starting fees were 10k A MONTH! I almost fainted. That’s insane. It may take a bit longer, but I suggest just doing this is old fashion, honest, and organic way. Converse with people on social media, do not be afraid to make yourself known. Follow other pages that share similar themes. 9 times out of 10 they will follow you back. I also reach out to other bloggers/companies who may have something my followers will find useful and we’ll either cross promote or just promote a product. This is my favorite thing to do! Not only can you try some amazing products (usually for free), but you’re also able to share something with others that you find helpful. For example, the latest product we are promoting on the site is a Whitening Toothpaste. This has been a game-changer for me as I drink A LOT of coffee. I share this with my followers, they get to brighten their already gorgeous smiles, and the site also makes a few extra bucks, which is crucial because it helps to keep us up and running.

We also added a small shop to the page. We offer tee shirts, tanks, coffee mugs, and a few other items as well. They are all perfect for the everyday #girlboss to remind you to go out there and work your a$$ off for what you want and to NEVER let anyone or anything get in your way. It’s not always easy, but I’m getting to where I want to be in life. I encourage you guys to check out the page ( and check out some of the amazing content my ladies produce!

Being successful doesn't happen overnight. It can take days, weeks, even years. But if you stay the course, stay positive and stay humble, you will find yourself happier and in turn, you’ll never work a day in your life.

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