The 7-Step Guide To Conquering Boredom
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The 7-Step Guide To Conquering Boredom

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The 7-Step Guide To Conquering Boredom

I may have a disproportionate animosity toward the phrase "I'm bored".

As someone who likes my days to be brimming with fun activities, my response to a friend who expresses boredom is usually something like "Then let's go on an adventure!". For obvious reasons, we've had to get a little more creative with these recently. Despite this, I stand by my beliefs about boredom wholeheartedly.

Why waste a single minute of your life being bored?

Boredom is surrender. You can always find something to do that's life-giving.

I now present to you my 7-step guide, specifically crafted for the next time you find yourself twiddling your thumbs.

1. Understand the difference between "boredom" and "busy-ness"!

Don't get it twisted, I am by no means suggesting that every second of your day needs to be jam-packed with constant motion. "Boredom" isn't as simple as just sitting around, and it is NOT necessarily cured by running around town like a crazy chicken, either. Unwinding is a way to maximize your time, too.

2. Become acquaintances with your boredom.

Ask yourself: Why am I bored right now?

Am I disinterested in what I'm currently doing, or do I have nothing else to do? Answering these questions will be key to deciphering your next activity.

If it helps: I like to picture my boredom as an annoying little cartoon character that follows me around, snatching away all my ideas, productivity, and will to do anything worthwhile. Naturally, this step involves me looking him straight in the eye and saying, "I've got your number."

3. Pause and center yourself.

The only way to be truly present in the moment is to do so intentionally. Slow down for a second and do what you need to get ready for your next move, whether that's chilling out or hyping yourself up.

4. Recall the last thing that excited you.

Think back: what were you doing the last time you got really, genuinely pumped about something? What makes you happy? What makes your face light up? What do you have the most fun doing? What topics fascinate you to no end? What makes you laugh? Who do you enjoy spending your time with?

Even further, what is interesting to you right now, in this moment?

5. Do the damn thing!

*elevator music playing* *queue the montage*

6. In case you REALLY can't think of anything...

... I've got your back. Here's some suggestions:

Do some squats! Lay down in the grass and cloud-gaze! Shut your eyes and listen to an album from beginning to end! Roll down a hill! Prank call someone! Reread a favorite book from your childhood! Make a flower bouquet for someone! Listen to a podcast about conspiracies! Go for a drive! Have a paint fight! Generate a list of the best dad jokes! Go on a photography expedition!

And- I cannot stress this enough- MAKE PANCAKES!

7. Be proud of yourself!

Congratulations! You may now accept your diploma from the Lily Switka School of Anti-Boredom. Give yourself a pat on the back! I hope you learned something new, and had a laugh somewhere along the way.

That's all I've got, folks. If you need more spontaneous ideas, you know who to call. Cheers!

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