Humans experience stressors every day. Home or dorm life, school, relationships, and extracurricular activities all present stress. However, a job can especially produce stress. If your job exhibits low employee morale, maybe it is time for a change. High morale is a sure fire way to increase productivity. Read these 10 tips to improve morale in the workplace and ask a colleague or supervisor if the tips are possible to implement.

1. Praise colleagues and subordinates

We all work hard at our jobs — whatever it is we do. Co-workers like to hear praise from others. Identifying their efforts could brighten their day. Simply showing we appreciate hard work can create a more productive environment.

2. Promote weekly incentives

Even if your workplace is on a budget, there are still ways to provide incentives. It could be a gift card, iPhone utilities, movie tickets, a holiday raffle, or some perks in the workplace. When employees experience rewards for their hard work, they feel regenerated and ready to work hard.

3. Survey employees

Feedback can be reciprocal. Hearing feedback about myself allows me to consider what my strengths are and what I need to improve upon. On the flip side, if an employer surveyed me and asked what I think needs improvement, I would provide honest and solid feedback. Employees feel valued when their feedback is taken into consideration.

4. Coordinate fun non-work related activities

Taking some time to participate in non-work related activity can be a good opportunity to take everyone's mind off the stresses of work. Also, it provides a chance for co-workers to know each other a little better. Morale can have a major spike when colleagues are given a chance to relax and take their minds off the job.

5. Decorate the workplace

This tip is especially helpful around the holidays. Fun Christmas or Halloween decorations can put anyone in a good mood when they arrive to work. Maybe you can delegate this task to someone who enjoys arts and crafts. Decorating is a fun way to make your workplace more pleasant and enjoyable.

6. Write a workplace song or chant

This one is a little cheesy, but come on, who doesn't like cheesy? This is a fun way for co-workers to collaborate and create something that belongs to their company, branch, or department. It is an entertaining way to relax and find out who can write the best song or chant.

7. Encourage a group prayer/meditation session before or after work

Personally, whenever I pray or meditate, I feel rejuvenated and ready to face the next challenge. Giving that sense of energy to the workplace can build stronger bonds and teamwork. Giving colleagues a few moments to reflect can bring positive change to a work environment.

8. Recognize personal accomplishments outside the workplace

Anyone at work run a marathon? Get accepted to grad school? Ace a final exam? Quit smoking? These examples and more deserve recognition. We all work hard every day. So, when a colleague triumphs, it should be celebrated. Acknowledging personal achievements is a great way to show the support that co-workers deserve.

9. Lead by example

When colleagues see that someone is calm and collected, they will respond similarly. Putting on a brave face shows that any situation is under control. Spreading positivity in the workplace can boost morale and relieve some stress employees may be feeling. Providing leadership in tough times can put a team back on track.

10. Have a brainstorming session with your colleagues

Presenting the workplace with an opportunity to share ideas and opinions is crucial to teamwork and morale. There are no bad ideas and brainstorming can lead to anything. Supplying deliberation is essential to team unity and trust.

Workplace morale is just as important as a paycheck. The workplace should be an area where hard working people come together and accomplish their goals. Yes, we all work positions in which we do not want to show up every day. But if you work in a place with positive attitudes and high spirits, then your hard work will be worth it. Try and implement these tips at your job and note the difference in your work environment.