Body Positivity: A Guide To Having Confidence

The topic of confidence has been widely discussed lately in the media. Young people's morale is being destroyed by airbrushed models and unattainable goals. Our generation has grown up being taught that "nobody is perfect," but the media demands only perfection. You're supposed to know that you're important and loved for who you are, while the world consistently shows you there's only one type of person you should be.

To the world's credit, we've moved forward in the past few years. Celebrities have taken activist stances to promote loving yourself, and the importance of being strong and independent rather than weak and defenseless. Body image issues have been addressed head on to refute the notion that there is only one definition of healthy and beautiful. But as we know, teenagers and young adults need more than that.

Our tendency to body shame ourselves runs deep, and is reinforced by women with thigh gaps and men with 8 packs who appear every time we open our phones. Instead of wallowing in the pain of not looking like them, it is so important to stop the cycle of self hate.

1. Be Selfish- take care of yourself

We all know how to take care of others and make sure they're okay. The expectation is that we all take care of each other, and there is an infinite supply of love cycling through all of us. But in the end nobody knows you better than you, and you know the best way to take care of yourself.

2. Recognize your best qualities, and work on your worst

The whole point of life is to learn and get better. Don't be afraid to embrace your talents, but don't be too embarrassed to confess your weaknesses either. A lot of weaknesses are mostly mental, and can be corrected with a little help from friends

3. Compliment Others- share the love

Give more than you receive, but when you receive, do so gracefully.

4. Stop Looking in the mirror and go outside and enjoy real life

There is so much good in the world, go experience it.

It's important to note that regardless of how you approach a healthier outlook on life, there is no guaranteed "four-step fix" to body positivity. It's a constant battle to be happy with who you are. So it's up to us to realize that those who love us don't care where our "trouble spots" or "extra chub" are, and the most desirable type of person is one who knows how to love themselves, not just others.

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