Why Saying 'All Lives Matter' Misses The Point Of 'Black Lives Matter'
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If You're Still Posting #AllLivesMatter After George Floyd, You Don't See Your Own Privilege

And if you don't think you're privileged, you're part of the problem.

If You're Still Posting #AllLivesMatter After George Floyd, You Don't See Your Own Privilege
Taylar Banks

I'm so tired of seeing posts tagged "#AllLivesMatter" because in America today, not everyone IS treated like they matter. For example, Black people in this country have ALWAYS faced oppression, discrimination, segregation, and so much more and. Therefore, they have always been seen and treated as less than.

Black people were pushed into ghettos and segregated areas.

Before you say other minorities have as well, we know that. However, the Black Lives Matter movement (BLM) focuses on Black lives because we are a group of people who have been tested for over 400 years, and we're tired that our lives are disregarded by so many people.

Again, we know other groups of people are as well, but the Black community is focusing on themselves.

If you don't see that there are issues and inequality hovering over the Black community, it's because you've never experienced it.

If you don't think you're privileged, you're part of the problem. Having white privilege does not mean that you didn't work for everything you have or your life wasn't difficult. White privilege means that you have an advantage over others because of the color of your skin.

You don't have to fight twice as hard to get your desired career or job or make sure your hair isn't "too much" for an interview because of the texture.

You don't have to worry about being followed in a store or people crossing the road when they see you walking by.

How you act isn't seen as a representation of your entire race.

White privilege is also being able to turn on the TV and seeing people that have the same skin tone as you are on every channel. It's being able to simply walk into a store and almost immediately find your skin tone for makeup products.

You don't have to worry about being shot because you looked suspicious having the hood of your sweatshirt up like Trayvon Martin.

An officer won't shoot you through the window of your own house because someone reported suspicions around the residence due to someone's door being open, like Atatiana Jefferson.

It's the wage gap that is there just because of skin color. According to the Brookings Institution, which is a research group that focuses on education with a focus on economics, "the Black-white wealth gap reflects a society that has not and does not afford equality of opportunity to all its citizens."

All citizens are not treated as equals.

The likelihood of a police officer shooting you or using excessive force for getting in your face or being "out of line" is a little bit lower. A police officer won't ignore you screaming you "can't breathe." They probably won't even put all their weight on the back of your neck for longer than necessary, either.

It's not your fault you're privileged, but it's your fault that you choose to ignore it.

It's important to acknowledge your privilege because you can use it for good. You can use your voice that people tend to listen to in order to help spread the messages and information we are trying to put out and LISTEN. Don't talk over us.

Teach other people about the success barriers that people of color (POC) face.

Listen to what POC have to say.

Actively speak out against racism, especially when you see it happening.

Explain to people you know that they are privileged, and explain to them what that means: a lot of people get offended when a POC tells them they are privileged.

Most importantly, educate yourself and LISTEN. You do have white privilege and that will never change.

We aren't saying all lives don't matter, so don't twist our words. We're saying so many people don't acknowledge us, some people hate us, some people won't give us opportunities because of the color of our skin.

That is the exact opposite of the privilege you have.

So please stop with the "all lives matter" because history has repeatedly proven that it just isn't true, and the same thing is happening now. Black Lives Matter is to assert that so long as black people are treated poorly and like they are less than, we won't stop.

You can ignore BLM and the racism that's going around you because it's not directly affecting you. Ignoring it is your contribution to the problem, whether you know it or not, and that in itself is a privilege.

All lives don't matter until all lives are treated like they do. End of story.

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