Black Friday Shopping: Thankful Or Thankless?
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Black Friday Shopping: Thankful Or Thankless?

Isn’t the whole Thanksgiving thing about being thankful for what you are given? For what you currently have?

Black Friday Shopping: Thankful Or Thankless?
The Daily Beast

Black Friday. Most of us have been there one time or another.

You know, the thing that inevitably starts the midnight after or sometimes even the afternoon of Thanksgiving day.

To clarify, let me just say that I am a sucker for deals and walking or … stampeding ... off those calories after a day of mindlessly gorging, but I find it a tad ironic that the day after what is supposed to be a selfless holiday, we find ourselves racing to get deals on items that, first of all, are usually made in countries where people aren’t allowed to have holiday breaks, weekend breaks, or even lunch breaks, and second of all, are only there to be purchased in stores because several people, also with families, had to give up quality time with their families to tend to consumers across the globe. And it’s becoming more and more common for large retailers to start opening on Thanksgiving day, leaving employees no other options but to miss their holiday so they can make ends meet and pay that month’s rent.

Something about that doesn’t sit right with me.

Isn’t the whole Thanksgiving thing about being thankful for what you are given? For what you currently have? Isn’t the entire day supposed to be about family and intrinsic blessings? It’s not often you’ll stumble upon a Facebook post that reads, “This year, I am so thankful for my new jeans, my super cute, green J. Crew dress, and my iPhone 7.”
Isn't it strange that everyone is posting pictures of their turkeys, families, pets, etc., yet only a few hours later, are literally stampeding over people to get half off on an electronic device that will be irrelevant in a year? The products will change. Companies will change. Next year, Apple products will probably have a new device out that will require new accessories. The Fitbit will be overshadowed by its successor, etc., etc.
But there is something that will always be relevant -- the people behind the counters. The feelings of frustration they will endure from having only 30 minutes to spend with their sister who lives in New York because they had to clock in for a job that assures others that they will save 50 percent on the next new electronic product.

I know it is unrealistic to assume that any of these opinions could ever hold enough weight to dissuade the majority of consumers and, like I said, I am all about great deals, but let’s be considerate next Thanksgiving and contribute our dollars to companies who actually care about their employees.

Thanks to, here is a list of Thankless Black Friday companies to avoid next year. These retailers are opening their doors on Thanksgiving, pulling millions of workers away from family dinners:

Big Lots
Best Buy
Bass Pro Shops
Toys R Us

Here is a list of Thankful Black Friday companies to shop in next year. These retailers have opted to remain closed for Thanksgiving, ensuring their employees can spend time with family and friends:

Bed Bath & Beyond
The Home Depot
Barnes & Noble

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