Binge-Watch The Handmaid's Tale Now.
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15 Reasons to Binge-watch 'The Handmaid's Tale' This Weekend

Because sometimes we need a break from our government.

15 Reasons to Binge-watch 'The Handmaid's Tale' This Weekend
"The Word" via Hulu

If you've watched The Handmaid's Tale, then you understand why I advocate for it. But if you have not discovered this fascinating show, you'll thank me.

As if you need any reason to start binging a new, fast-paced tv show, here are 15 reasons to give you more motive.

1. This TV show is adapted from a 1985 book by Margaret Atwood.


Winner of the Governor General's Award and the first Arthur C. Clarke Award, this dystopian novel reforms the patriarchy in a more religious sense. The controversy novel has been challenged several times since its first publication. What's more fun than reading a disputed book? Watching the tv show that brings those ideas to life.

2. It contains badass female roles.


The only thing that allows a patriarchy to survive is no opposition from the opposite sex. This show contains several female-lead roles that showcase the strength of womankind in the darkest of societies.

3. It reminds us that things could always be worse.


No matter what your political opinions are and how just or unjust you view the current world, this show reminds us that things could always be worse. We could just as easily lose all of our freedoms that we've spent decades trying to gain.

4. It could potentially be our future.


Watching the show and seeing the similarities between current events in real life and events leading up to the revolutionary changes are scary. If not careful, we could end up in a world similar to these handmaid's: stripped of our freedom with a dying world forcibly trying to repopulate what is left of society.

5. It features a big-named cast.


Elisabeth Moss, best known for her roles in 'Mad Men,' 'The West Wing,' and 'Girl, Interrupted' stars as the main character, with supporting actresses Yvonne Strahovski from 'Dexter,' Alexis Bledel from 'Gilmore Girls,' and Samira Wiley from 'Orange Is the New Black.' In addition to these cast members include Bradley Whitford from 'Get Out,' Max Minghella from 'The Social Network,' and Joseph Fiennes from 'Shakespeare in Love.' Actors from all of your favorite tv shows and movies bring life to this phenomenal storyline.

6. It's won several awards.


41 awards won and 39 nominations to be exact. In just two years of screen time. On an online streaming service exclusively. Winning the Golden Globe for Best Television Series-Drama isn't an easy thing to win, but it is most deserving.

7. It will keep you on your feet.


There are several times throughout this show that I've squealed, stood, cried, shouted, etc. due to anger, confusion, heartbreak, excitement and other emotions that I could go on about forever. Trust me, this show hits all the bases, especially nostalgia for the world we currently live in and anger for the world they have to occupy.

8. It keeps you guessing.


Almost every show contains a cliff-hanger that makes you want more. Now that season two has wrapped up, what better time to start binging?

9. It will be your dirty little secret.


You'll love watching it so much that you won't be able to get enough. You'll have to indulge in it as if it's a cake until you've reached the very end.

10. It allows you to appreciate what you have.


Being able to read and write has always been viewed as a mandatory task, but in this world it is a privilege only granted to men. Not only women's freedom, but freedom for all social classes and race are a privilege not granted in this reality.

11. It makes you value your freedom of choice.


Being able to choose who you love, what you wear, where you live, what your occupation is, etc. is something we take for granted every day. Strip those allowances and you live in Gilead.

12. It makes you want to change the world.


If anything, watching this show has inspired me to take better care of the world we live in. Damaging the earth, the ecosystems, and the ozone can have grave effects on us later in life. When plowing the earth becomes poisonous, when childbearing is rare and necessary, when the earth is dead and populations are diminishing, it will be too late. Making changes now can reduce our chances of that happening.

13. It surprises you.


You'll fall in and out of love with characters. You'll wish some characters would die, and others would survive. You'll be astonished by the amount of deception and corruption in this show. And then you will reevaluate you life and find some of that in it too.

14. It's very relatable.


While living in a world without freedom is hardly relatable, getting to know the characters' stories and how similar they are to you makes you empathetic. You could be neighbors with one of the characters, friends with the other, and one might even remind you of yourself.

15. It is heartbreaking.


We all love heartbreaking shows as much as we love romance. You get both and so much more in this show. You get attached to characters, you sympathize with their separations and losses, and you surprise yourself with how much you understand their struggles.

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