So I came across this Youtube video by Prince Ea called "I Just Sued the School," which was made 2 years ago. The video is AMAZING and I would definitely recommend everyone to watch it.

But it got me thinking the school system, especially how it's run by the Education Secretary Betsy DeVos. I remember watching her being grilled by the Senate and how she couldn't even answer basic questions like how she would support individuals with disabilities or if she even handled large sums of money. I was and I still am concerned about her lack of knowledge about the public schools (she was fortunate to be able to afford private school for her children). Despite the fact that I didn't agree with how she handles the public educational system, I thought that she would not really do anything.

Now its been over a year since Betsy DeVos has been confirmed, so I thought I would do some research into what she has been doing.

So recently, she met with the 2018 Teachers of the Year, which I'll give her credit for attending. It's no secret that many teachers and school officers don't like her so, to go to a place where you are disliked is hard. But what I don't appreciate is her attitude towards these hard-working teachers. Public school teachers are underpaid and often don't have enough resources for their classroom. But if she attends, she should listen to teachers' concerns. After all, they are the bedrock of the entire system, and they are responsible for the next generation of citizens.

But she didn't do that. She fought with the Oklahoma teacher of the year, Jon Hazell, about her views about charter schools and her critique of the Oklahoma strike. DeVos has come out in support of charter schools and using public funds to pay for private schools. In addition, she has critiqued the recent Oklahoma teacher strike saying that teachers have to serve the students. Well, in my opinion, she has to serve the teachers of ALL school types. And that includes public schools.


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