Here are some of my favorite spots in my summer home, Block Island.


Ferry Dock in BI.

Although not big, there are many cute shops where you can buy tourist items, but also cute little boutiques that only the island has. There's also a couple restaurants and hotels that travelers can stay in downtown. One of the coolest things is the Block Island Ferries, which is one of the two ways you can get to the island. Be sure to check out The National for brunch and Wave for some cool gifts. Downtown is accessible by walking, cabs, bikes, and mopeds which are an island favorite. There's a candy store, fudge shop, vintage movie theater, and new popcorn shop.

Mohegan Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs.

One of the coolest spots on the island is the bluffs. If your looking for a good workout look no further because there are so many stairs to get down from the cliff to the beach. Visitors come here to walk and take amazing photos. Block Island is known for its natural beauty and this is a spot that makes it really special. The ocean view here is really cool and you get to see some pretty big waves on this side of the island.

Southeast Lighthouse

Southeast Lighthouse.

A tourist's favorite spot includes a trip to the Southeast Lighthouse. The views of the ocean from this spot are some of the best on the island, and you can see the wind farm that was created to power the island. There are also tours of the historic lighthouse for free that visitors frequently enjoy. Make sure to check out one of the many food trucks that stop at this spot!

Any Beach (but the best is Mansion Beach)

Mansion Beach.

Block Island beaches are some of the best in the northeast. On block island there's a beach for everyone. Ballard's Beach has a restaurant and tiki bar which make it a prime place for partiers and many backer and bachelorette parties. There's also Scotch and Mansion beach which are relatively close to the ferry and prime spots for families and children. Fred Benson Town Beach is also a favorite due to the huge snack shack and beach rentals for easy access.


Harborside Inn.

There is something for everyone on Block Island. Some of my favorites include The Oar, where they have the best sushi. The Beachhead which has good burgers and sandwiches with views of the beach as you eat. The National, Bethany's Airport diner, and Harborside Inn have good breakfast and brunch options.

If you're looking for quick options or things to bring to the beach, Three Sisters Sandwich shop and Rebecca's have awesome take out options that everyone will enjoy