why you should go to block island

5 Reasons You Should Plan Your Next Trip To Block Island

A 7 mile long island of the coast of Rhode Island, Block Island is a unique vacation spot with a lot of natural beauty and charm.


Here are some of my favorite spots in my summer home, Block Island.


Ferry Dock in BI.


Although not big, there are many cute shops where you can buy tourist items, but also cute little boutiques that only the island has. There's also a couple restaurants and hotels that travelers can stay in downtown. One of the coolest things is the Block Island Ferries, which is one of the two ways you can get to the island. Be sure to check out The National for brunch and Wave for some cool gifts. Downtown is accessible by walking, cabs, bikes, and mopeds which are an island favorite. There's a candy store, fudge shop, vintage movie theater, and new popcorn shop.

Mohegan Bluffs

Mohegan Bluffs.


One of the coolest spots on the island is the bluffs. If your looking for a good workout look no further because there are so many stairs to get down from the cliff to the beach. Visitors come here to walk and take amazing photos. Block Island is known for its natural beauty and this is a spot that makes it really special. The ocean view here is really cool and you get to see some pretty big waves on this side of the island.

Southeast Lighthouse

Southeast Lighthouse.


A tourist's favorite spot includes a trip to the Southeast Lighthouse. The views of the ocean from this spot are some of the best on the island, and you can see the wind farm that was created to power the island. There are also tours of the historic lighthouse for free that visitors frequently enjoy. Make sure to check out one of the many food trucks that stop at this spot!

Any Beach (but the best is Mansion Beach)

Mansion Beach.


Block Island beaches are some of the best in the northeast. On block island there's a beach for everyone. Ballard's Beach has a restaurant and tiki bar which make it a prime place for partiers and many backer and bachelorette parties. There's also Scotch and Mansion beach which are relatively close to the ferry and prime spots for families and children. Fred Benson Town Beach is also a favorite due to the huge snack shack and beach rentals for easy access.


Harborside Inn.


There is something for everyone on Block Island. Some of my favorites include The Oar, where they have the best sushi. The Beachhead which has good burgers and sandwiches with views of the beach as you eat. The National, Bethany's Airport diner, and Harborside Inn have good breakfast and brunch options.

If you're looking for quick options or things to bring to the beach, Three Sisters Sandwich shop and Rebecca's have awesome take out options that everyone will enjoy

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A Letter To My Odyssey Editor-In-Chief

I realize this article is ironic.


An Apology

First and foremost, an apology is in order. I apologize for not always having my articles on time. There are certain rules that are set to keep the online site running smoothly and fairly for everyone and failing to follow them is extremely disrespectful. I will take responsibility for the lack of respect I have shown and follow it up with a promise to do better. We have multiple chances to ask for extensions and even to get help with corrections and ideas. Those who make FGCU's Odyssey work and continue to strive alongside other talented writers.


I could write about all the various excuses people give and or have. I could say I was busy with work, personal issues or simply forgetting the deadline. All valid excuses with the correct context of course. To me, it's sort of like working on a final essay last minute. I once asked the professor for an extension and their reply was simply: "Why didn't you start on it from the beginning? It probably wouldn't all be completed by now but at least a majority would be ready."

Because when you are given a due date for anything and don't begin then, every excuse is a terrible excuse.


Ideas come and go to every artist. Every creative thinker stumbles upon a handful amount of ideas a day. I, perhaps others as well, have a terrible habit of writing some down. And even when I write the overall idea, I forget why I was so passionate about something. Many stories don't stick and then when we sit in front of the screen our minds try hard to remember a good story but go blank. A good way I found that helps me beat this habit is to write the main point and at last two other points to support it. Another way is to write the first two sentences of the story in mind.

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Factors to Consider When Commiting to a College

Lets get past the prestige of a name and get down to it.


It's that time of year again, time for high school seniors to choose where they'll continue their education. Fresh out of the college application process just a year ago, I remember well the uncertainness of acceptances and then the decision that looms over you like a dark cloud until May 1st. Back then it seemed to complex between the financials and housing, so I've broken up factors of my own college decision-making process, in hopes that it will make your decision clearer and more transparent.


College Profiles - Emmanuel College

When you graduate, are jobs readily available around the school? Does the surrounding area provide options for entertainment and a way to escape on the weekends?

Public Transportation

Four College Transportation System | Connecting Colleges and Communities With a New Source of Transit

Are their trains, buses, or subways that can provide an easy and affordable way to get home and to get to surrounding attractions. Public transit should be a priority especially if parking for freshman is limited or unavailable.

Prestige of your desired major

The Top 25 Music Schools 2015 | Hollywood Reporter

Is the school known for your planned major? Does it have a variety of minors and the flexibility to change majors?

Social Life

5 reasons college social life is important | Unigo

Does greek life monopolize a large part of the social life on campus? Does the university plan events to interact with fellow students and meet new people? Is there a large commuter population that may go home on weekends?

Financial Worth

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Will the name of the school really be worth the debt you might rack up? Does the school offer financial aid, work-study, or scholarships? Is the degree worth the time you'll spend paying it off?

Freshman Retention Rate

11 Crucial Pieces of Advice for College Freshmen

What is the percentage of students who return their sophomore year? How does this reflect the first year experience?

Student to Faculty Ratio

Public universities do not simply retrench lecturers | The Mole

What is the student to faculty ratio? Do the classes mostly consist of large lectures? Do they include smaller discussion groups to ask specific questions?

Job and Internship Opportunities

Tips for Your Intern Orientation

Does the school work internships into the curriculum? What is the percentage of students employed six months after graduation?

Curriculum Flexibility

The Case for a Core Curriculum

Are you able to take classes that interest you? Is the curriculum rigid?

Meal Plans and Dining Options

Dining Services

Are their dining options flexible both in and out of the dining halls? Are their accessible dining options off campus?


Making the Transition from High School to College Extracurriculars ...

Are there a variety of clubs and activities to meet people and take a break from academics? Are their clubs pertaining to your major that will build your resume?

Sports Life

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What division is the school in? Do the sports interfere with academics? Are there club and intramural options?


Car and parking lot safety in college – Gone to College

Is there a strong police presence on campus? Is the school situated in a dangerous area? Is there a blue light system?

Alumni and Networking

Alumni Class Notes | Curry College

Are the school alumni active? Does the school host events to connect with them and explore possible job opportunities?

Job Opportunities on Campus

Why Getting an On-Campus Job Was the Best Thing I Ever Did

Is there a way to earn money on campus? Are the hours flexible around an academic schedule?

You shouldn't expect every school to check all of these boxes, but it should fulfill all of your priorities. Consider which of these is the most important to you, and always weigh the costs and benefits to make sure you'll be happy there, while also not accumulating a large amount of student debt.

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