The 10 Best Parts Of Coming Home For The Summer, But Every Reason Is A 'New Girl' .GIF

The 10 Best Parts Of Coming Home For The Summer, But Every Reason Is A 'New Girl' .GIF

The two best things in life: coming home from college, and "New Girl."

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Although being away at college can be fun, it definitely makes you realize how much you appreciate home. Not feeling suffocated in a tiny dorm room is always a good thing, and having your mom around to help out with things definitely has its benefits.

Here are 10 of the best parts of moving back home during the summer!

1. Cooking

You forget how nice it is to have home cooked meals from your house, and not eating out or going to a dining hall since you were too lazy to make something yourself.

2. Laundry

Not having to deal with dirty clothes and folding laundry for a couple months is the best. Fighting for the dorm washers and dryers was a definite struggle, and I ALWAYS forgot to leave a timer for my laundry.

3. Pets

Being surrounded by your best friends ALL summer is the best!!

4. Extra cash

Finally having time to get a part-time job and get some extra cash to spend on food, food, and more food > > >

5. No alarms

Not having to wake up at 7:45 for your daily 8 a.m. class is the absolute best.

6. Netflix

Despite the excessive amount of time I spend binge-watching Netflix during the school year, now I have even MORE time to re-watch The Office for the 1000th time!

7. Showers

You truly forget how nice it is not having to wear flip-flops in the shower and avoid massive balls of hair.

8. Your own room

As much as you have loved your roommate, nothing beats coming back to your own room and not being blinded by light when your roommate gets up for an early class.

9. Your mom

Going away to college makes you realize how much you need your mom’s help for every minor inconvenience that occurs in your life. Having her around for a few months is actually the best.

10. You love where you live

At least for me, going away to college made me realize how much I love where I live! Coming back home for a few months to your hometown makes you truly appreciate where you came from.

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