The Best Moments From Avengers: Endgame
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12 Of The Best Moments From 'Avengers: Endgame'

Taking a look back at the best moments of our grand goodbye to our heroes.

12 Of The Best Moments From 'Avengers: Endgame'

Before you read any further, SPOILERS AHEAD! (Obviously). Presumably, we've seen the movie now and the spoiler ban has been graciously lifted by the Russo Brothers. Alas, we can talk about only some of the amazing moments that "Avengers: Endgame" gave us. Truth be told, the entire film is the greatest moment. I mean, we see fourth walls somewhat breaking, we see time travel, we see sacrifice, and mostly, we see unity. This movie is the moment all Marvel fans have been waiting for. It's everything we wanted in "Avengers: Infinity War" and more. It's closure and new stories. It's goodbyes and hellos. It's "See you in the next movie" and "Thank you for everything."

This movie is a love note and a goodbye wrapped in one creative cinematic journey. We say goodbye to heroes we've loved for over ten years; we embrace with open arms all the heroes with stories left to be told. It's the perfect end we just weren't ready for. Let's look back at the moments in what's perhaps the greatest movie of our generation.

1. Thor approving of Carol.


Thor has always been pretty skeptical of new people he comes across, so it's no surprise he's suspicious of Carol when she comes out of nowhere to the Avengers facility. When he signals for Mjolnir, she doesn't flinch at all. This obviously impresses him and he cheerfully states that he approves. It was a fun moment!

2. Tony and Nebula's friendship.


Since they were the only two left after Thanos' snap at the end of "Infinity War," Tony and Nebula had no choice but to spend every moment working together. The cute montage of them building stuff and playing schoolyard games is enough to make viewers realize it's the friendship we never realized we wanted.

3. Pepperony's reunion.


Pepper and Tony finally reuniting in this film makes all hearts swell. The last Pepper heard from Tony, he was going off into space to deal with Thanos' people and his signal was cut off. Considering the snap, Tony wasn't even sure if she had survived or not.

4. Scott finally joining the team.


The last real fans had seen of Scott Lang, he was in the quantum realm when the snap had occurred. Because of the snap, Scott was trapped in the realm, which was extremely dangerous. But him escaping and getting to join the Avengers in this mission against Thanos was expectedly funny and entertaining.

5. Cap's tush.


Nothing brought more joy to anyone in any theater around the world than Captain America's acknowledgment of his own ass. When a comment about his butt is made, he can't help but to become aware of it. It's something Marvel fans have long obsessed about, however. When Scott says that it's "America's Ass" we all know that this will forever be an iconic line. Even Steve agrees that his own ass is indeed America's ass.

6. The time heist.


It was absolutely mind-blowing to see the Avengers go back to earlier films in the MCU and try to sneakily get ahold of the Infinity Stones. Major props to the makeup departments and tech departments for being able to manipulate the actors to looking exactly like they did seven years ago.

7. Captain America with mjolnir.


Everyone. Gasped. That's the best way to describe that scene. It's been a recurring motif throughout the MCU that Thor's hammer Mjolnir can only be held by someone that is deemed worthy. Even though it does slightly budge for Cap in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America is actually able to call Mjolnir to him and use him in the fight against Thanos. This moment was absolutely shocking, but also astounding to see Captain America rise to a new level of power.

8. Everyone coming back.


Yes, all the heroes that vanished from Thanos' snap finally came back. And it was so satisfying. They show up at exactly the right time, all thanks to Doctor Strange. When the camera pans over everybody involved in the MCU, the satisfaction sinks in because there are all finally fighting together.

9. Avengers... assemble.


Captain America saying the most famous line in all of Marvel history just sends chills up your spine. It was the most perfect thing to say in the most perfect moment.

10. The women of Marvel.


Every single strong female in the MCU show up and definitely show out. Finally, a powerful, feminist moment in which the women of Marvel finally get to show that they can fight their own battles, and they're damn good at doing it too.

11. Tony's last fight.


It hurts so much to know this is how Tony goes out, but it's probably one of the most satisfying deaths in film history. Tony has been concerned more than any of the Avengers about Thanos ever since the first Avengers film. It was only right that Tony was the one to end this whole affair with Thanos once and for all. He got to take down the person that destroyed so much of what Tony cared for. It was an amazing fight and a beautiful death. (Love you 3,000, Mr. Stark).

12. Captain Falcon.


As shocking as it may have been for some viewers for Steve to go back in time and come back an old man, it was good closure for his character. Sam is so surprised and isn't sure what the world will do without Captain America. When Steve tells Sam it's his turn to be Captain America, it felt rightly deserved. Sam always put the lives of others first and has stuck by Steve's side in every single fight since they've met. Captain Falcon becoming a thing is the best way to end one character's storyline and begin another's.

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