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All Of Lily Rabe's American Horror Story Characters, Ranked

Lily Rabe: The most underrated cast member in the iconic horror series.

Misty Day

It's finally American Horror Story news time!

I love the show, but honestly, the months leading up to its premiere is almost always the most fun part of the experience. It's so much fun to guess the themes, plots, and cast! And the teasers are almost always the scariest part of the series!

In all seven seasons, one actress has stood out to me as the underrated hero of the series. Sarah Paulson is amazing, and Jessica Lange is possibly the greatest casting decision this show ever made (please come back soon!), but the actress who has received less acclaim while (almost) consistently putting out brilliant performances is the incredible Lily Rabe!

She has played my favorite character in almost every season she's been in, and her characters are always fascinating, strong women. But which one is best? Here's a ranking of every character Lily Rabe has played in American Horror Story, from my least favorite to her absolute best.

1. Shelby Miller, "Roanoke"

I absolutely loved Roanoke, really. I thought the plot was fascinating, it was an interesting twist on the Roanoke legends, and I absolutely loved whole "show within a show" thing. I don't completely hate Shelby in this season. but the true standout was Kathy Bates as "The Butcher" and "crazy actress who played The Butcher," and compared to her everyone, including Rabe, just sorta falls flat.

2. Aileen Wuornos, "Hotel"

Don't get me wrong, Rabe did a BRILLIANT job playing the famous serial killer, but we only got one episode with her! That's not enough!!

3. Nora Montgomery, "Murder House"

Nora Montgomery is kind of an awful person. She's spoiled, entitled, neglectful, and willing to kill to kidnap another family's child. BUT she's a fascinating character. She is desperate to have a child, while also not caring about the children who do come into her life. She spends most of her (onscreen) afterlife confused and in denial of her death. In a season full of terrible people, she's one of the most interesting ones to watch.

4. Sister Mary Eunice, "Asylum" and "Freak Show"

Technically, this should probably be number one, I know. The fact that she plays a dedicated nun who ends up possessed after an exorcism gone bad so wonderfully is proof of that. The sudden switch from innocent nun to evil, possessed villain is played BRILLIANTLY. This is the season where Rabe's talent truly shines. She really is brilliant, and Sister Mary Eunice should be her number one character. . . .

5. Misty Day, "Coven"

. . . Except Misty Day exists! The animal-protecting, Stevie Nicks-loving witch stole the hearts of American Horror Story viewers everywhere. She had an incredible witchy-boho style that I am obsessed with, she sang along with Fleetwood Mac's "Sara" (AKA one of the greatest songs ever), and cried when her Fleetwood Mac record was broken. She's sweet, strong, funny, and she literally brought herself back from the dead after being burned at the stake! She's pretty badass, but also relatable, as she spends much of the series looking for her "tribe."

She's so much fun to watch, relatable, and inspired an incredible Stevie Nicks-filled soundtrack for the series! She's the best!

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