Top Life Coaches to Follow if You Are Ready For Serious Life Change in 2021
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Top Life Coaches to Follow if You Are Ready For Serious Life Change in 2021

These are the best life coaches to follow for life of clarity, confidence, and happiness.

Top Life Coaches to Follow if You Are Ready For Serious Life Change in 2021
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Ready for some serious life change? It might be time to seek a little guidance from these top life coaches. Whether it's focusing on a career change, productivity, relationship coaching, nutrition, or wellness, each of these coaches brings a unique approach to the table. The end result? A life of clarity, confidence, and happiness. These are the best life coaches to follow in 2021.

Christine Hassler

Christine Hassler

After going through a quarter-life crisis, Christine Hassler left behind her successful career as a Hollywood agent at just 25 years of age. She had been on antidepressants and other medications for 20 years, had lost her job and relationship and was in poor health. Seeking answers, Christine began seeing a life coach, completely changing her world for the better. This led her to undertake a master's degree in spiritual psychology at the University of Santa Monica, setting her on a path of transformation.

Now, she is a renowned podcast host, author, and keynote speaker, and is known as one of the best life coaches in the USA. Most notably, she coined the term 'Expectation Hangovers': the idea that when life doesn't go to plan, we end up feeling 'hungover'. She uses this idea to teach others around the country the importance of using our life 'hangovers' to do the inner work, healing ourselves in the process.

If you're ready for a change in your life, Christine can teach you how to work out who you are, what you want, and how you can get it. In doing so, you'll be able to lead a life that you truly love!

Tiffany Taylor

Tiffany Taylor

Struggling to keep a balanced schedule? Are your task lists overwhelming? Are you skipping sleep, meals, and workouts to get more done? Do you find yourself constantly distracted and procrastinating, even though you can't afford to put things off? Tiffany Taylor is on a mission to make people's lives less stressful. She supports high achievers to become more productive with a holistic take on scheduling, helping them live a life of intention.

Having been diagnosed with ADHD and anxiety as a child, Tiffany began her journey of self-growth at a young age. She was always a hard worker, skipping grades at school, and running a restaurant at director level by the time she was 17. But, Tiffany realized that she was living a life of 'one day'. She decided to leave her 9-5 lifestyle at age 22, pursuing a life of 'the now' instead. Fast forward, and Tiffany is one of the best life coaches for those looking to escape the 'hustle' lifestyle, while still being successful in business. She helps clients find the time to prioritize their health and do what makes them happy, whether this is having the time to cook, take a dance class, or be more present at home with family. Whatever it is, Tiffany will kick your productivity up a notch, or ten, helping you to be more deliberate with your time and energy.

Carol Parker Walsh, JD, PhD

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh is here to tell women at mid-life that they can have their dream career too! Just because women have responsibilities (kids, mortgage, & bills), there is a way for you to change your career path. This is something Dr. Carol knows well, after surviving a car accident that completely changed her life. In that near 'life or death' moment, Carol heard a strong inner voice telling her to 'turn', despite being sandwiched in between a rock and a cliff. She did so, surviving, applying this philosophy of 'turning' to change direction in her career. Now, Dr. Carol supports other women, through her coaching, teaching, books, personal branding, and keynoting, to make the turn in life, even when it seems like there might not be an opening.

There's no doubt that Dr. Carol is one of the best life coaches for those looking to abandon their 'good on paper' career. Instead, she helps women to rebel and pursue a life at a higher level. Her trailblazing nature has seen her become a member of Forbes Coaches Council, a TEDx speaker, and one of the top life coaches to Grammy Award winners, paralympic gold medallists, and Fortune 500 executives.

Axél Antojai Carrasquillo

Do you feel like you're not living up to your full potential? Listening to Shaman Antojai talk about spirituality is like being in a conversation with a friend - warm, comforting, and relatable. Using shamanic energy work and quantum reiki, Antojai teaches people how to reprogram their minds so that they can manifest the life that they are worthy of.

Coming from a long line of Shamans, Antojai has spent his whole life learning about energies, mindfulness, and holistic healing. By focusing on energy, he helps clients to move away from negative patterns, blockages, and materialism, into a life of confidence, recreation, and alignment. His wealth of experience and wisdom has seen him become one of the top life coaches on the globe and the number 1 healer, psychic, and shaman in Metro Detroit.

If you want to better understand yourself and transform your life, relationships, work, and finances, Antojai can help you step into your soul's purpose. All it takes is a little bravery, self-growth, and connection with your inner voice. Are you ready to vibrate at a higher frequency?

Sasza Lohrey

Sasza Lohrey

Do you have a vision but don't have the clarity to bring it into reality? Sasza Lohrey is one of the top life coaches in the USA, bringing a unique approach to Business & Holistic Life Design Coaching. Her aim is to help you find your message, be confident, and live a life aligned with your values. In doing so, you'll reach your goals and create some serious life change, positively impacting your work life, finances, and relationships.

She is also the founder of BBX, a platform for sexuality, intimacy, and communication. Through this, she helps those who want to explore and deepen their relationships. She has lived this philosophy over many years, after losing her mother suddenly, and realizing the importance of relationships above all else.

There's no doubt that Sasza is supporting people to change the 'daily grind' narrative, guiding us to step into our power, overcome self-limiting beliefs, and level up our lives. Best of all, her coaching is for people at all stages of life, so everyone can enjoy the benefits of her teaching.

Alissa Spears

Alissa Spears

Suffering from PCOS and hypothyroidism, Alissa understands the struggles of health and fitness when you're struggling both mentally and physically. Add to that the busy life of motherhood, a full-time job, and making time for your friends, family, and partner, it can feel almost impossible to schedule in fitness and nutrition. However, Alissa Spears has seen firsthand the benefits of doing so, by managing her health through workouts and healthy food. This inspired her to become an exercise physiologist & health and wellness coach, aiming to make fitness fun for others. Now, she helps women across the world become the best versions of themselves through exercise and nutrition. She does so by hosting accountability groups, 1:1 coaching, and training others to become 'step together' coaches.

Alissa's main goal is to help women to simplify the process and hit attainable goals that don't mean spending hours in the gym. This is all about empowering women to love themselves first so that they can be fulfilled in all other areas of their lives too. Get ready to feel the burn, gain strength, and have some fun!

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