5 Trendy NYC Desserts That Will Fill Your Stomach
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5 Trendy NYC Desserts That Will Fill Your Stomach And Instagram Feed With Joy

These desserts are not only delicious but also the perfect photo-op.

5 Trendy NYC Desserts That Will Fill Your Stomach And Instagram Feed With Joy
Sarah Richman

My photo-crazed younger cousins and I spent the entire day scoping out the most photogenic AND delicious desserts in New York City. In this day and age, it is beyond easy to find unique food all over the world, simply just turn on your computer. After looking online and picking 20-30 places we decided on our top 5.

1. Taiyaki NYC

Not only are these ice cream cones incredibly cute but also they come in unique and delicious flavors that you probably haven't tried. The fish-shaped waffle cones are filled with either custard or red bean and topped off with a perfect swirl and their signature unicorn horn and ears.

2. Flour Shop

These cakes are all the rave right now, they claim to "explode" with sprinkles and candy coated-chocolates and although it wasn't exactly an explosion and I can, hands down, say it was still quite a sight to see. Now for someone who is writing an article dedicated to desserts, I'm not a crazy dessert person, so when I say this I mean it: this was the best cake I have ever had. The cream cheese icing and the sweet cake was amazing, I was craving it for days after.

3. World’s Best Cookie Dough

This place was a must, there have recently been lots of places dedicated themselves to cookie dough, but what puts this one over the edge is their Cookie dough STUFFED cookies. I mean why even have a normal cookie at this point? I could not finish my kiddy-sized cup of cookie dough after the filling cookie but took it home to enjoy the next day, it was the perfect treat.

4. The Pint Shop

After the Museum of Ice Cream made its way through NYC we are beyond lucky that they left us a piece of it, This ice cream shop is a small but interactive store perfect for your Instagram aesthetic. Not only is there a tasting room but also three giant pints perfect for photo-ops. They include a swing, a pool of fake cherries and of course a backdrop of bananas. Everything here screams, "Take pictures of me!"

5. Dominique Ansel Bakery

This French bakery is known for its creative pastries and treats, some including their cookie shots! A cookie shaped like a shot glass filled with milk. They are also known for their cronuts (half croissant, half donut!)

You can say we had a fun and very filling day, if your looking for something unique and different to do in NYC pick a couple of cool dessert places and make your own dessert tour!

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