The BEST Comfort Foods
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The BEST Comfort Foods

Healthy & Unhealthy Options to Indulging When You are Having a Bad Day

The BEST Comfort Foods

Some days we just need comfort food. Here’s a list of my top comfort foods, and I’ve tried to include healthy options as well.

1. Avocados

There is something oddly satisfying about the texture of an avocado. I’ll be the first to admit that yes, I am absolutely in LOVE with avocados, no matter how “basic” this may seem.

2. Mexican Food

Chicken, Cheese, and Carbs. The holy Cs. Luckily for us, Mexican offers all three combined in one savory meal that doesn’t clean up our bank account.

Plus, if you want to brighten your day, add pile that guac on!

3. Snap Peas

Are you frustrated or disappointed? Then pick up a bag of snap peas. Snap peas? You may wonder why Snap peas with trepidation. However unusual this may sound, I promise eating snap peas is a good idea. First, eating snap peas is fun. There is no way to consume any amount of these greens without making a ruckus. Therefore, you should go all out and obnoxiously eat your snap peas as loudly as you possible can (however, please do not bother other people who are having good days, just because you having a crappy one). Instead of screaming, release all that negative energy through decisive and angry chews. Plus, snap peas are healthy, so you can eat to your heart’s content without worrying about getting a calorie induced coma.

4. Ice Cream

Nothing satisfies a broken heart or a wounded ego like creamy, cool ice cream. Especially if you are having a bad day, you can treat yourself to premium flavors, like Haagen Dazs chocolate or Publix Premium Moose Tracks. If possible, leave off toppings, such as whipped cream, M&Ms, and chocolate syrup because these can quickly add to your overall calories count.

5. Gelato

If you’re looking for a lighter option to substitute traditional ice cream, try gelato. It’s smooth, light, and delicious taste will win you over as you cope with whatever problem life has hit you with. I love gelato because not only is it healthier (which means you can eat MORE gelato than you could ice cream), but it’s very refined. Grab a quart of Talenti so you can bring it back to your dorm room rather than having to eat gelato all by yourself in public.

6. Home-made Sorbet and Ice Cream

If you are looking for something that is ALMOST as satisfying as ice cream, but comes with no strings attached (aka it has fewer calories) choose sorbet. If you find yourself in your kitchen with a blender, fresh fruits, and lots of ice-- even better! I love making blueberry sorbet or banana based ice cream. In fact, banana acts as a natural sweetener and gives a creamy texture. You can mix in cocoa powder as well, to make healthier chocolate ice cream.

7. Brownies

My younger sister is an expert baker, and on days I need it the most, brownies come in clutch. There is something compelling about freshly baked brownies. The smell is invigorating you and can’t help feeling better after eating a few.

8. A Box of Chocolates

Take Elle Woods as an example. The best way to get over a break-up is stuffing your face with chocolates. Throwing the box at your TV set has also been found to be therapeutic, but just make sure you have trusty friends who save your figure by substituting Smoothie King in for Russell Stover.

Honestly, eating out your feelings helps... but only temporarily. After indulging in your favorite foods for a day, I'd recommend doing something with your friends, like going to a Zumba class or watching a movie, rather than complaining to yourself about your seemingly miserable life.

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