Cleveland is known for

15 Things You Know To Be True If You're From Cleveland

The best city in Ohio.

Kaylee Smith

Every city has it's unique focal points, here's 15 from Cleveland.

1. The best year of your life was 2016


The most appealing sentence to one's ear during 2016 was "Warriors blew a 3-1 lead." Go Cavs!

2. Swenson's is the place to be


Other states may have acclaimed places such as In-N-Out and Whataburger, but we have the employee to car service, and grape milkshakes.

3. Sports has highs and lows 


Cavs, Browns and Indians. From the highs to the lows, it's never the same.

4. Calling Progressive Field it's old name 


The location at which the Cleveland Indians play, formerly known as Jacob's Field.

5. Famous people


Kid Cudi, MGK, Steve Harvey, Langston Huges, Halle Berry and a plethora of other well know people orientated from Cleveland.

6. Blossom 


One of the most popular things for Clevelanders to do during the summer is to make the trip to Blossom Music Center for an array of concerts.

7. Put-in-Bay


Living in Cleveland allows for an easy getaway to spend time on the closest thing Ohio has to a beach.

8. Construction


No matter the season or year, construction is prevalent on almost any given road or freeway.

9. Chief Wahoo


Despite the mass controversy surrounding the Indians' mascot, Chief Wahoo, it'll always be close to your heart.

10. Winter


Although the five-eight snow days may have been nice as a kid, driving in the winter storms now are anything but fun.

11. Our supposed "accent"


Despite most Cleveland natives denting it, supposedly our A's and O's are pronounced differently.

12. Walmart


What else is there to do when you're bored?

13. Downtown


An ample amount of restaurants, museums and other activities, only in the heart of Cleveland.

14. Dedicated Browns' fans


The 2017 year record was 0-16; In contrast to the increasing 2018 record of 7-8-1. We're here through the thick, and thin.

15. LBJ 


If Cleveland is known for one thing, it would be LeBron James, and the work he's put in to help us win a championship.

Cleveland against the world.

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