23 Terrifying Moments The Fact I Was Becoming My Mother Became CRYSTAL Clear
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23 Terrifying Moments That Made The Fact That I Was Becoming My Mother CRYSTAL Clear

There was once a time I told myself I would never become my Mother. That time has passed.

23 Terrifying Moments That Made The Fact That I Was Becoming My Mother CRYSTAL Clear

My Mom is awesome but when I was a kid, I did not want to be anything like her. Why did she yell at me when I didn't clean my room or make my bed? It's not her room anyways. Fast forward to now, I am becoming JUST LIKE HER.

1. I yelled at my boyfriend for tracking dirt in my apartment

My mom gets so mad at us for walking in the house with dirty shoes. This is understandable, but in the cold, winter months, you don't want to take your shoes off outside. Now that I have my own place to clean, you better take your shoes off regardless of the weather.

2. I make my bed every morning

I used to get yelled at so much for not making my bed. As a kid, I never saw the importance of making my bed every morning. Now, I can't go a day without making my bed.

3. Dishes in the sink makes me cringe

I cannot stand dishes in the sink. If it's there for a few hours, that's fine. If I wake up to a sink full of dishes, I go into full rage just like my mom.

4. I separate my whites, colors, and blacks when I do laundry

When I was younger, I would just throw everything in there. This didn't change till I ruined one of my white shirts by doing so. My mother's exact words, "You should've listened to your mother."

5. When I cook, I cook too much

My mom cooks enough for an army and I never understood why until I started cooking. Ever since I started cooking for my friends, I cook so much just in case they want more. My overall fear when I cook is that they won't have enough to eat.

6. I yell at my boyfriend when he leaves his clothes on the ground instead of the hamper

My mom always yells at my dad for doing this. Now, that my boyfriend does this to me, it drives me crazy.

7. Having a lead foot

Not sure why, but my mom and I drive fast everywhere. If you see a lil Filipino woman in a minivan doing 60 in a 40, it's my mom.

8. If I leave for a weekend, my house must be tidy and clean

Just like my mom, before I leave the house, it must be clean. Coming home to a clean house is so relaxing after you've been gone for a few days.

9. I have quite a collection of shoes and clothes

My mom has THREE closets filled with clothes, shoes, and purses at home. When I was younger, I had a lot of clothes but it wasn't until I stopped growing when I accumulated a bunch!

10. Buying everything on sale or with a discount

Mom never buys anything full price and neither do I. She taught me from a very young age how to shop on sale and it stuck with me till now.

11. Dress nice, feel nice

The amount of times I heard, "dress nice, feel nice" when I was younger is insane. I went through a phase when I wore nothing but sweatpants. I think it was a rebelling act since my mom ALWAYS dresses nice.

12. Getting excited about new cleaning supplies

Ever since I moved out, I love to clean. I bought a Swiffer the other day and called my mom to tell her how excited I was to use it.

13. I have certain cooking pans that mean the world to me and I don't trust people cooking on them

My mom got me special nonstick pans and OMG they are amazing. I don't trust anyone with these pans because I'm afraid they're going to scratch them up.

14. Carrying way too much in my purse

You need a snack? I have crackers. You need a comb? I have one right here! You need a phone charger? I have that too!

15. When I have guests, I make sure I have two things - alcohol and food

My mom is the best host when she has friends over. She always has alcohol and lots of food.

16. Having way too many cooking supplies

I live in an apartment with a small kitchen and have way too many cooking supplies. Every singe cabinet and drawer is full. Will I ever need five different cooking pans? Probably not, but do I have them? Absolutely.

17. Getting my nails done every two weeks

Ever since I could remember, my mom has consistently gotten her nails done. Now, I am the exact same way. Although, she gets French every time and I enjoy bright colors.

18. Having trouble parallel parking

I thought I would eventually get better at parking. Nope, I park just like my mom.

19. I'm starting to buy more and more plants

My mom definitely has a green thumb. She has a beautiful garden with a variety of plants. Just recently, I started to love plants. Hopefully, I'll develop the green thumb my mom has.

21. I do all the weird "Filipino Mom" stuff

If you're Filipino, you know our moms do some weird things. For example, sniffing babies. Yeah, I do that now and have no way of controlling it.

22. Cleaning everything with vinegar and lemons

This also might be a Filipino mom thing but this cleaning regimen really works.

23. Being hardheaded 

Both my dad and boyfriend would agree that I get my hardheadedness from my mom. When we're right, we're right and nothing can change that.

Although these are not super terrifying things, it's really strange when you realize you're becoming your mother. She is an amazing woman and I'm glad to be just like her.

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