So when I decided to come out to stay in Indiana, my mother and her boyfriend helped me get my car completely redone and ready for me to bring. It hadn't had a single problem until this week. This is the week that I had to learn how to get a part, a mechanic, and how to not freak out over just a car part.

So my story begins on Saturday morning when I drove home from Bluffton. My car drove fine but I had my lights on and they seemed dim but I thought I was just having a hard time seeing. Saturday night I learned my car was dead. I had it jumped, drove for about fifteen or twenty minutes and then parked it. I didn't drive again until Monday morning and surprise, my car was dead. Thank the Lord for an amazing girl on my floor who woke up at 6 AM to jump my car. I got to work and went out every two hours to make sure my car would start and it did. Every time. So Monday evening I drove to Huntington and went to AUto Zone where I was informed that I had a fried alternator.

My first question: alter-what?

Second: Cost and how to put it in?

So who do you call when stuff goes wrong? THe people who helped you with the car in the first place. Long story short, my family bought one online and I picked it up at Auto Zone. Next issue? Who can I get to put it in? I called and texted every person in my phone just trying to find someone to help me.Finally, I found someone......they flaked on me. Then finally a blessing came and I found someone who would do it for me. I had to skip a day of work but it was what had to be done.

The man came to help and in less than thirty minutes I had my car fixed and running better than ever.

So what did I learn?

First. the family will always be there to help calm you down when you are freaking out over money, time, and the fact that you know hardly anything about your car.

Second, find friends who can help you so you don't have to be completely left in the dark.

Third, Today, I became an adult.

Stay safe on the roads everyone and never be afraid to ask for help, I know I needed it.