It's not Monday, the start of a whole new week. It's not Wednesday, the middle of the week, the wonderful halfway point. It's not Thursday, a.k.a "Friday Eve." It's not Friday, the day you keep staring at the clock until you're off for the weekend. And it's not the weekend when you can hang out with friends, chill with your family, and worship Jesus in church. It's…Tuesday.

Oh, Tuesday, the second day of the workweek when nothing special seems to happen. It's not another chance to have a better week than you did last week and it's not the middle of the week or even the end of the week. It's just Tuesday. Pastor Matt Chandler of The Village Church in Dallas, TX has stated this in numerous sermons. He often says: "Most of our lives are made up of Tuesdays." What he means by this is that the vast majority of our lives will be complete, 100%, ordinary days.

We get up, go to work, take care of our kids, eat dinner, and go to bed, only to do the exact same thing the next day. It's honestly kind of discouraging and sounds lame. Don't we want to live exciting lives and do and see and explore as much as we can while we're here on Earth? Well, yes, but in order to have those exciting moments, we need to work diligently to plan and save the money. Pastor Matt doesn't say "most of our lives are made up of Tuesdays" to be discouraging. No, quite the opposite because he also always says: "Extraordinary things happen through everyday faithfulness."

If every single day of our lives consisted of excitement like amusement parks and backpacking across Europe, then our lives wouldn't truly be exciting. Part of the exhilaration that comes from things we don't normally do is because we don't normally do them. This isn't to say that there isn't joy and excitement in everyday life. There is if you're seeking it out. Snuggling with your kids, hugging a friend, grabbing coffee with coworkers, and laughing at yourself and the silliness of life are joyous moments that happen every single "boring" day of our lives.

If you're stuck in a mundane rut, look for the jubilant things or how you can be the jubilant moment in someone's day. If you pass by a security guard on your way into the office, smile and say "Good morning!" If your husband is running late for work, pack his lunch or pour his cup of coffee to help him get out the door. When I come into the office every morning, I walk down to one of my coworker's offices.

He makes a good pot of coffee every single morning for the people who come in early. I fill up my mug with his delicious coffee and have a quick conversation with him about how our week is going and what our different weekend plans are. It's simple, it's fast, but it's one of my absolute favorite things about my day. Remember that every Tuesday (and every day of the week, really) is beautiful because we don't know how many days we'll get. Some days are going to seem blah and boring while others are filled with several great moments. It's called "life" and it truly is beautiful…even on Tuesday.