"Battlefield" VS. "Call Of Duty"
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"Battlefield" VS. "Call Of Duty"

Who will win in this upcoming battle?

"Battlefield" VS. "Call Of Duty"
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"Call of Duty" and "Battlefield" are two of the biggest first person shooters played online. Both of these series have a loyal fan base. While "Call of Duty" is being played mostly by 12-year-olds who just focuses on bad mouthing other players, constant trash talking, and rage quitting when things aren’t going their way, "Battlefield" mostly deals with an older gaming crowd who mostly play the objective, try to strategically win or just enjoy the options "Call of Duty" doesn’t offer. Since 2011, "Battlefield" has released 3 games. "Battlefield 3", 4, and "Hardline." The first two were released before "Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3" and "Ghost." All four of the games received excellent ratings from critics. However, "Battlefield 4" had backlash from fans with the multiplayer. Dice, the developer for "Battlefield 4," launched the game still incomplete. They didn’t fix most of the issues with the game until almost seven months into the games cycle. With that issue, "Battlefield Hardline" wasn’t met with good ratings when released in March 2015. Hopefully, the next game will bounce them back from that mishap. "Call of Duty" in brief has released five games in that span.

Now for the next releases coming out this fall, both games in the past week have released trailers for the upcoming games. First we have "Infinity Ward" with the new "Call of Duty" game coming out this November. They started dropping hints on Snapchat about the new game with teaser videos. We see a man talking followed by the shot of a ghost mask. My first reaction was "Holy crap we're getting Ghost 2." Following the trailer's release, that turned into a hmm "Call of Duty in Space." Here we are with "Call of Duty Infinite Warfare." I know "Call of Duty" has switched from World War 2 battles, the Cold War, and the Modern battles to the time ever since "Black Ops 2" have gone a more futuristic gameplay. Personally, I hate it. What made "Modern Warfare" great was how realistic it was to actual battle. We were using the guns that our armed forces use. Now, we're using weapons we may use in the future. Some gameplay mechanics have improved such as sliding and leaning, but the double jump and side run on the maps seem unnecessary.

The cherry to top it all off: custom camos and taunts. Yes. You can do the hotline bling and dab. This makes the immaturity of tea bagging look not so foolish. Another issue with "Infinity Warfare" is "Infinity Ward" just stopped "Call of Duty Ghost." The game's ending, which ended with Logan the main character getting dragged off by the villain you “killed” and being tortured the same way he was in an attempt to turn him evil. What the hell am I supposed to do? Just act like the game is okay to end on a cliffhanger? Many gamers should know what happened and how the game should end. On positive note, however, the game's trailer footage looks awesome. Space combat, which was first featured in Ghost, now gets to be explored more in this game. We also may get to fight on other planets.

Now with "Battlefield" they are still dealing with many fans being annoyed at Battlefield 4 and the whole server/gameplay issues. The trailer released on Friday May 6th shows us we are getting "Battlefield 1", a World War One based game. It looks promising as we can fly on biplanes, zeplines, ride on horses and in vintage tanks. The issues with the gameplay are the guns and there is a question of how graphic is the game going to be. World War One was fought with mostly bolt-action rifles. How is Dice going to make those guns work? That will be interesting to see. World War One was also a very bloody war — is Dice going to go full out all gritty, Saving Private Ryan style on us, or toned down to most battlefield depictions of battle? Lastly, Dice must make sure the game is 100 percent ready for the start of multiplayer. They cannot pull another "Battlefield 4" on us gamers.

In review, both games had amazing trailers. "Call of Duty" going with the future route seems kind of played out, they could try to go back in time or maybe finish the story to ghost. As for "Battlefield," the trailer looks promising. Hopefully, they will deliver on making a great game. So gamers get ready for a summer of more trailers and gameplay footage being released.

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