"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" Is Almost Here
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"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" Is Almost Here

No one likes spoilers, so nothing to worry about here.

"Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice" Is Almost Here
ErikVonLehmann @ DeviantArt

I can still remember when the announcement of a Batman vs. Superman film in production was made public at Comic-Con those three long years ago. I remember hiding in the bathroom at work to watch the blurry leaked footage of the initial teaser trailer that one of my faithful fellow Facebook nerds had shared so many moons ago. I can still hear that 70-year-old chain-smoking Batman voice in my head murmuring the kind of line that gave you chills the first time you heard it, “Tell me… do you bleed? (dramatic pause) You will.”

Now, with less than 48 hours left until the premiere, I can barely even write this article while trying to fight the urge to drive to the nearest Target, buy a bunch of Batman action figures, and lock myself in my room for the next two days to re-enact every line of "The Dark Knight." If anyone out there is reading this and hasn't seen me in a while, I'm alive, it's all good. If you need me you can find me in my pillow fortress of solitude.

So with "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice" finally about to descend upon us, I figured I'd give a quick rundown for anyone not as in-tune to their inner nerd. This is for the girlfriends that will inevitably get dragged by guys to the theater, or perhaps the dudes getting pulled there by their much, much cooler girlfriends (pro tip: find/be those girls). This is also for those single, independent girl nerds out there that don't need no man to watch two badass comic book heroes throw down. You're your own superhero, girl.

Let me start by addressing this movie's naysayers real quick. You know, the people that are like, "Um, obviously, Superman wins, why would they even make a movie about it?" Yes, no shit, Superman could absolutely wreck Batman if he wanted. We all know it, but that's not what this movie is about. There can’t genuinely be people thinking that this movie is going to end like some boxing match where someone comes out the winner and the other is.... what exactly? Dead? Because, yeah, they’d totally kill off either one of their most iconic heroes of the franchise. Think about it... "Alien v Predator," "Freddy v Jason," it just doesn’t happen. So rather than argue in circles about how “unrealistic” it is that Batman could hang with Superman, realize you’re talking about the lack of realism within a superhero movie, relax.

Now, I've purposefully tried to keep myself at an arm's length from any real spoilers here. I've found that you need to actively try to avoid the stalwart comic book trolls waiting on every message board to ruin some sort of surprise. Respect the honor of a well-kept secret, people. To cover the basics first, this movie is not in any relation to Christopher Nolan's "Dark Knight" sequence of films, it is being directed by Zack Snyder, known for his work on "300" and "Watchmen," as well as "Man of Steel," which leads into "Dawn of Justice." Henry Cavill takes up the red cape again for the follow-up, but Ben Affleck's the man in black this time around.

The basic premise for the film, what starts this epic battle of god vs. man, is that the civilians are starting to question the fact that an indestructible alien with the ability to end all life is flying around in spandex and a cape above them. Despite his good intentions, the people have denounced Superman, claiming that the secondhand effects of his arrival, aka other aliens coming to Earth to kill him and destroy everything in their wake, are not worth his protection. In comes Batman, who's had it to up to here with this so-called Superguy, or whatever he is, flying around like he owns the place, and decides to bring the swift flying elbow of Justice to that chizzled jawline. The film stirs up the notion of power struggles to a mammoth proportion: who is worthy of such power? Who can't be trusted with it? Does power corrupt us all after a long enough time? Someone needs to keep the mega-powerful in check, and I'll let Batman be that guy any day of the week. Add a couple bad guys like Lex Luthor, played by Jesse Eisenberg, and an alien creature by the name of Doomsday, and it should lead to a pretty passive-aggressive argument at best, I'd say.

The most exciting part about this film is undoubtedly the fact that it will be the inception of laundry list of other films, spinoffs, and cross-overs in the works for the DC Universe. The most obvious comparison to make, and also the one that hardcore DC fans will likely scoff at, is to what Marvel has done with the hugely successful "Avengers" movies and again with all the "Civil War" goodness lined up. Zack Snyder has already gotten the call to work on the upcoming Justice League films that will follow. Other films that are sure to tie in some way or another are the already announced Wonder Woman and Aquaman films, as well as the upcoming "Suicide Squad," which will likely boast some Easter eggs for the diehards out there to catch onto. Big things are coming from the world of DC Comics, and neither they, nor Marvel, for that matter, show any signs of slowing down. The future looks bright for us my shamelessly geeky compatriots, and the dawn is just around the corner.

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