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11 Ways Basic Witches Can Prepare For The Best Fall Ever, Even If Your Normie Friends Say It's Too Early

For you, autumn begins on September 1 and carries on until Christmas — weather be damned.

11 Ways Basic Witches Can Prepare For The Best Fall Ever, Even If Your Normie Friends Say It's Too Early

In America, the first day of autumn is September 22. And even then, the weather outside usually reeks of summer until at least October.

But if you're the most basic of witches, you don't care about either of those details. For you, autumn begins on September 1 and carries on until Christmas — weather be damned.

And if you're a basic witch, you've probably already begun thinking about your plans for this fall. After all, it's the most wonderful time of year. And planning ahead will only make it more wonderful for you.

So here are 11 things you can do to make this fall the best fall you've had yet — even if all of your friends are insisting that you still have a solid month and a half of summer left. Cue the eye rolling, witches.

Pick up new decorations for your witch's lair.

Every witch needs a lair, and you'll want to ensure that yours is properly decorated for your favorite season.

Thankfully, stores like Michaels and HomeGoods usually stock up on spooky housewares nice and early. And if not, there's always the internet.

Start planning your fall Netflix queue.

Once your lair is looking good, you'll want to spend time in it. And you know that regardless of the season, you'll be partaking in a few Netflix binges.

Fall is the perfect time to catch up on all those horror movies you never watch. So make a list of the ones you're planning to get to this year. It'll get you excited, and it'll make things easy when you decide it's time for a movie night.

Pile up the thriller novels you still need to read.

The only thing better than cuddling up in your witch's lair and watching a movie is cuddling up and reading a book. And there is no shortage of books to get you in the autumn mood.

So, look for those thrillers that you still haven't gotten to and make yourself a pile. This will save you time deciding what to read, and it'll help you stay on track with all your spooky reading goals.

Search the internet for new recipes to try.

The window for baking apple and pumpkin flavored treats is a short one, so it's a good idea to prepare early. Make a folder on your computer solely for all the autumn recipes you find on Pinterest.

Then, when it's finally time to make fall-inspired treats, you'll be ahead of the game. All you'll need to do is get apples and pumpkins and head to the kitchen.

And speaking of...

Research apple and pumpkin picking spots.

For every gorgeous apple orchard or pumpkin field, there's one that just isn't Insta-worthy. And who wants to pick apples off of glorified bushes, anyway?

Do yourself a favor and research the good orchards. You'll thank yourself later.

Plan other day trips.

Autumn is three months long (maybe four, if you try hard enough). You'll need adventures to fill your days off, and there's no shortage of those where autumn is concerned.

Plenty of places have haunted houses and escape rooms crafted specifically for this time of year. There are also a ton of theme parks that have Halloween-themed weekends, with trails guaranteed to give you a scare.

And if you aren't into spooky things, that's OK too. Fall is the best time of year to go hiking (those orange views are everything), and it's also a great time to hit a cider brewery (assuming you're twenty-one, of course).

Wash all of your blankets and sweaters.

Nothing beats freshly-washed blankets and sweaters. And even though you're sweating now, you'll need both before you know it.

Pro tip: Use fabric softener while washing these, and hang them to dry. Throw your blankets in the dryer for a minute before use if you really want to get cozy.

Buy some cozy new fall gear.

If you don't buy yourself new sweaters and boots, is it really autumn?

The end of summer is a great time to start picking up cute pieces for fall. And if you wait until Labor Day, you might even catch some sales.

But don't spend all your money because you're going to need it for other important fall things...

Start a PSL fund.

Drinks from Starbucks get expensive, but you know that won't stop you from ordering those pumpkin spice lattes.

It's a basic witch move, but you can totally start saving for PSLs early. Just grab a mason jar and start throwing your singles in. Soon, you'll be set for the season.

Stock up on snacks.

If you're going to be spending time in your witch's lair or going on road trips frequently, you'll need snacks. These can range from healthy to Halloween candy, as long as you have something to nom on while you're enjoying autumn.

Start thinking about Halloween now.

If Halloween is your favorite holiday, you clearly need to do everything in your power to ensure that it's a good one.

Don't wait until October to figure out your costume — or your plans. Costumes get expensive, and if you're looking for something original, you might need to order it online. Plus, popular ones tend to sell out quickly.

As far as plans go, you should totally throw a Halloween party if you have the means to. If not, there are plenty of places that host events for the best night of the year — so, find some friends and head to one of them!

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