The Back Workout You Need AND Deserve This Summer
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The Back Workout You Need AND Deserve This Summer

Baby got back.... and biceps.

The Back Workout You Need AND Deserve This Summer
Brandon Arlington

It's SUMMERTIME!!!!! That means hamburgers, watermelon, late nights, and pool days. That also means shorts, tank tops, sundresses, and bikinis. If you're going to show off your smoking hot summer bod, don't settle for slim, strive for STRONG. Feeling good is MORE important than looking good, and nothing makes me feel more fresh and healthy than a solid workout! Exercising for just 30 minutes a day can transform the way you feel and the functionality of your body entirely. The sun is out later this time of year so get outside and get moving! My energy levels on the days I workout are a million times higher than the days I don't. You are worth it and your health is worth it! Sweat now so you can enjoy those bikinis and hamburgers later!

Special shoutout to KIAVA Clothing for sending me the BOMB workout outfit you see me wearing in this video attached at the bottom of this article. You can get these cute leggings and crop top HERE, as well as the flattering sports bra I'm wearing in the cover photo. I promise you, the quality cannot be matched!

1. Lat Pull Downs 4 X 10 

Aim for a wide grip and really focus on the mind to muscle connection. Ladies, your lats are where that super awesome fat bulge is in and around your bra. Let's get swole there, shall we?

2. Cable Rows 4 X 10 

Focus on squeezing your shoulder blades together and making sure your back muscles are doing all the work.

3. Single Arm Lat Pull Downs 4 X 8 Each Arm 

By isolating a single side, you are forcing that side to do all of the work and you are forcing your core to engage. Creating a strong abdominal muscle isn't about doing ab workouts every day. In fact, if you're working your core every single day, it's NOT going to get stronger because you're not giving it time to build back up stronger than it was before. I only work abs 2-3 Xs a week, but my core is engaged with every exercise I do. This will strengthen your core. So you want to build your abs? Um duh yes please.

4. Rope Face Pulls 4 X 12 

A personal fave! QSUEEZE that upper back!!!

5. Rope Bicep Curls 4 X 10 

This is where my arm pump comes from. Nothing makes my biceps burn more or swell up more than this exercise. If someone asked me to tell them one exercise to build their arms, this is what I would tell them. Go as heavy as you possibly can and feel those biceps struggle.

6. Inward Bicep Curl 4 X 10 Each Arm 

Take it slow and feel that cable resistance.

7. Isolated Bicep Curl 4 X 10 Each Arm 

Again, this isolation is key to building abdominal strength and stability.

8. Hammer Curls To Failure X 4 

To failure is exactly what it sounds like - until you literally can't move the weights anymore. I love to finish my workouts with "to failure" exercises to make sure I literally lifted until I couldn't anymore. Push yourself here! I promise you can do more reps than you think you can!!! You are STRONG!!!!!

Your browser does not support the video tag. Kiava Clothing // Back & Bi Workout

Please focus on your form, stay hydrated, and have fun!! Happy Lifting!!!!

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