Similar to the "Guardians of the Galaxy", we all have our own friend group that we would go to battle with.

While I was watching "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" I started to picture me and my friends as the characters in the movie. Which of my friends would I classify as the leader? The daredevil? The smart one? And soon I realized that the character I most reflected...was Baby Groot.

At first this was quite funny to think of myself as a little tree creature, but in fact, being the Baby Groot of your friend group is a true honor. There is honestly nobody else who could replace you and the friend group would never be the same without you.

While of course, Peter is a cool dude with lots of cool moments, Baby Groot is a scene stealer. He's the glue that holds them all together. The Switzerland of characters. There is truly no other greater character in the movie besides Baby Groot. There is truly no other greater Marvel superhero.

If you are the Baby Groot of your friend group, you should embrace your power... or lack of it at times. You are the most adorable little tree creature your friend group will ever see.

You know you're the Baby Groot of your friend group if...

1. You're most likely the youngest and/or smallest one of the group.

baby groot

2. Which means your friends can get pretty protective over you most of the time.

baby groot cute

3. That doesn't mean you can't fight your own battles when you need to. Especially when it comes to defending your friends.

baby groot fight

4. You're never in the middle of the group drama. You're a neutral player.

gamora and baby groot

5. In fact, you are traditionally the peacekeeper and the problem-solver.

baby groot hug

6. You're the first person to find the good in any situation.

baby groot music

7. But also, you're the one most likely to call it a night before the others.

baby groot tired

8. There's a special quirkiness about you that only your friends understand and appreciate.

baby groot hats

9. You're always ready to help your friends when they need you!

groot baby

10. Although sometimes it can get you into trouble...

baby groot innocent

11. Which means your friends typically try to have you avoid anything that could lead you down the wrong path. (This is where #2 comes back into play)

baby groot button

12. But you don't typically listen to them because you are a strong independent tree creature who can handle themselves.

baby groot

13. But your friends are always ready to take care of you when you need them and sometimes you really need them.

baby groot hand

14. And at the end of the day, as strange as you may be at times, your friends are stranger. And that's what makes you all friends!

baby groot

15. And you would do anything for your friend group because you love them.

baby groot cute

15. Almost as much as you love music. And dancing. Especially dancing.

baby groot dancing

You. Are. Groot.