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Student Life

20 Awkward Things That Inevitably Happen At East Carolina University

Loyal and bold we are the purple and gold!

20 Awkward Things That Inevitably Happen At East Carolina University

The school where dreams either flourish brightly or come crumbling down right before your very eyes. The good news is that here at ECU there is always extra time to form a plan b. More then half of us have fallen back on that one already. Some of us are even already on plan C, how fun is that!

Greenville is honestly a town like no other. It is a wild one, to say the least. Here are a few awkward things that I been through from my own personal experience or instead witnessed first hand as a student from East Carolina University.

1. Coughing on the third floor of the library.

Don't do it.

2. Your first encounter with the crazy cat lady on the grid who chucks beer cans at you.

Just turn around and run.


Bumping into last Friday's mistake or your ex at the gym, library, publix, downtown, you name it.

4. When you think you found a snake on the ground but its a braid from a hair weave.

Hannah Niebel

This happens all to often. Especially on college hill?

5. Walking into the wrong class.

Bate is a mysterious building that is very deceiving and full of lies. I always walk into the wrong class or show up and class is canceled. Either or might just be me but regardless it has happened way more then it should have.

6. Getting lost running the greenway after you have already ran it 50 times.

Probably just me.

7. Fighting for Parking spots.

The entire city of Greenville loves to make sure that parking spots do not exists just for the towns enjoyment. You constantly find yourself parking in strangers yards or illegal parking spots and then proceed to never pay your tickets. Jokes on you Greenville! Ha! We win!

8. Running out of Pirate Bucks or Meal Swipes.

Lets be honest, no one really tracks how much money they have left in their Pirateport account or how many meal swipes they have left. When you run out, you just gotta hope that the person behind you in line is willing to save you from having to put your meal back or having to pay with your own money. Been there.

9. Seeing an old 60 year old professor at Pitt Street Brewing Company.

The moment when they proceed to hit on you. But hold on wait, they have lives outside of teaching?

10. Driving through the grid on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Shaker city baby.

11. Stumbling back to the boundary at 3 am on a Saturday and opening the wrong apartment door.

Walking into what you thought was your bedroom. You can imagine how I felt when I thought I found two strangers in my bed. Really weird, just lock your doors people.

12. Sneaking back into Bobs.

After you had already gotten booted and chucked out the front door twice you decide for a third time to try and hop the fence. 10% chance your gonna make it, we have all tried at least once.

13. Witnessing people try to lime bike or long board through the mall on campus during 12-2 pm of classes.

Odds are at least 2 or 3 people get decked per day. I too have been a victim.

14. Meeting someone downtown and immediately becoming best friends.

And then you see them on campus and do not even remember their name. Head down.

15. Only being able to afford a loaf of bread by the end of the night at jimmy johns.

The rest of your money went to cover fees and frozen's/ vodka sodas. As much as you want that beach club, it's not gonna happen.

16. Driving past the train tracks with your windows down.

Roll the windows up, there will be wild Greenvillians on the lose.

17. Watching someone walk under the cupola.


By the time they hear me it's always to late.

18. When someone asks what Sup Dogs is?!!

You ignorant fool. Only the best bar in America.

19. Walking under the panels that play music by the library when campus is dead quiet.

Cue Beethoven, no one look at me.

20. 6 years have passed and it's time to graduate.

Wait now what?

Throughout my time at ECU I have learned how to avoid the majority of these things successfully, but even I am still working on it. I'd say that the awkward things we all have to go through in Greenville just gives that town that much more character. Greenville, as much as you scare me, you will always have a big chunk of my heart. Cheers to you.

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