Audubon Park Should Be Your New Hangout Spot
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Audubon Park Should Be Your New Hangout Spot

All the cool kids hangout under Oak trees.

Audubon Park Should Be Your New Hangout Spot
Photo by @morgannfurlong via Instagram

No matter the time of day I will probably be at the park. (Let's be real - probably around 8 in the morning or 4 in the afternoon because that's prime dog watching time.) I love walking under the branches of the wise oaks that have been on this earth longer than I can even imagine. The branches reach out towards one another creating an arch that covers the newly paved path where I run - okay walk (come on... it's like a two mile loop, that's a long way to run) - make it as if it the humidity weren't at 98%. Audubon Park is nestled in-between two of the most famous streets in New Orleans, Magazine and St. Charles. It's smothered in giant Oak trees and green grass. There are constantly people walking around and enjoying their day. Whether it's hanging out in a gazebo or lounging in a hammock, there is always something going on in Audubon Park.

As I cross Magazine Street and head towards the Fly I love seeing the snoball stand that's parked on the street and the kids playing soccer. I honestly only walk by the fly because the water is beautiful and when you walk behind the zoo back to the park itself you can see the giraffes. I love watching the kids on their bikes and the new moms with their strollers singing nursery rhymes to their kids as they do pilates. There are women speed walking while gossiping about the latest drama and old men playing golf. I dream of learning how to play golf on that course, I mean it's not like that I have walked around it at least 200 times. I try to work out on all those workout stations that are scattered around the path, but I just can't get myself to be able to do it. There's something about the way those crazy ducks stare at me as I stroll by the little pond. Maybe one day I will remember to bring some bread for the, to snack on. I love stopping by the fountain surrounded by an abundance of plants and sitting on a bench. I love bringing a book and taking in the fresh air and the scenery of St. Charles as the Street Cars roll by.

The wise oaks reach out and extend their branches as if they were giving you a warm embrace - that's what this park is all about. It perfectly embodies the charisma on New Orleans. There is always a motley crew hanging out at the park. It's the perfect place to have a picnic with friends or walk your precious K-9. This park will always be one of my favorite spots in New Orleans. Check it out for yourself... I know you'll end up loving it just as much as I do.

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