Mall Santas, It's Time To Learn ASL

Hey Santa! Before You Disappoint Any More Kids, It's Time To Learn Sign Language

It's not that hard. Seriously.


Imagine this: you're six, waiting in line for ages just to see that big man with the fluffy white beard. Johnny said that he pulled it right off one year, but no one believed him—after all it's SANTA for crying out loud! No one can pull off Santa's beard! One hour, two hours, three... and finally, you're on his lap! His lips open and—

You cry. His lips are moving, but you can't understand him. Santa, someone who was supposed to fly all over the world in one night and know how to speak in all languages for all children, couldn't speak to you. You couldn't hear him, and he couldn't figure out a way to help you understand him.

Next year, you're traumatized. The next, too. And the next, and the next, and the next. Eventually, your parents have to explain that Santa isn't real just so you don't feel left out, like that big jolly man didn't love everyone in the world execpt for you. You're deaf, and Santa doesn't like deaf kids.

Now let's go back in time, maybe a week before you went to go see Santa. Santa went to a seven day class on how to say "Do you want a big present or a small present," "Are you excited," and "Act out [sign he doesn't know]." Santa wouldn't necessarily need to know the sign for "dinosaur," that little six-year-old child could simply tell Santa about the giant dinosaur they wanted by acting like a dinosaur. They would know that Santa liked them, and they would have a great time—just like every hearing child there.

Unlike most spoken foreign languages, American Sign Language (ASL) doesn't take years to figure out. After two years of German, I still can't say "I played a really fun video game when I was a child," but after two classes a week for 42 weeks, I can easily sign things like "I really need help with my math homework. I had to pick up my medication and the pharmacy closed during class, so I had to miss it."

21 classes and I could sign things like that. 21 classes and, while I'm still a slow signer, I can keep up in a conversation and gifure out how to sign words when I don't know the actual sign for it. I can act it out, look silly, look excited... and guess what? Mall Santas can do this, too. Seven days to save a child from the idea that Santa doesn't love them enough to learn their language.

This lack of support is just one of the many signs of audism in America, a lesser-known form of oppression that states that people are superior based on their ability to hear and prevents the adequate treatment of Deaf individuals. Most people are hearing, so why should we accomidate the Deaf? Why do basic doorbells that alert the Deaf to visitors cost a minimum of $30 while a more advanced one for the hearing can be found for as little as $13? Why do people stare when I sign in public, but not give me a second glance when I'm speaking? Why did the servers avoid us like the plague when I was at a Deaf event, but suddenly crowd around me when they found out that I was hearing?

We have treated the Deaf horribly over these past few decades. Institutionalization, being refused an interpretor after being arrested, being forced to speak when they can't hear what they're saying... It's time to stop. Let's start reforming the way we treat the Deaf by starting with their children and making sure that their holidays are as merry and bright as everyone else's.

So come on, mall Santas. Let's take seven days to learn some basic signs and make some children happy this Christmas.

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Yes, You Have A Narcissist In Your Life, Here's How To Spot Who It Is

You know a narcissist right now, but you don't actually know who it is. There is a distinct connotation to the word narcissist, and there is a reason for that. So let's all figure out who it is together and get rid of the negativity for good.


There is most likely a narcissist in your life whether you know it or not. I got this great idea to talk about spotting a narcissist from an IGTV post on Instagram by ATTN because I believe that it was really beneficial to hear the information being said. We are supposed to be happy and going back to the negative connotation of the word narcissist, I feel as though to be happy all the time, we shouldn't let negatives be apart of our lives.

Now, narcissists are not the same as being self-conceited, being self-conceded I would define as the lower and more human level to a narcissist because they still know how to be human. Sometimes the self-conceited people can be mistaken as overconfident people and as much as they have similar, there are also differences. But, I am not talking about these two right now, we are going straight to the extreme.

The first trick to spot one is in their sense of humor.

Normal human beings are OK with joking about themselves sometimes. If a friend starts making fun of them about how they entered a room, usually the person that entered the room weird would laugh along with their friends and agree that they entered that room weird. Narcissists would get angry that someone would make fun of them and will never laugh at their small flaws.

Next sign would be how a narcissist will interrupt peoples conversations all the time.

Narcissists only like to talk about themselves, so if the topic of conversation isn't about them, they interrupt the conversation just to change the topic to their own life and problems. To me, this is the "ah ha" tip that people will finally realize the people in their lives. Just realize that sure self-conceded people can do this too, however, they don't do this all the time and know how to communicate with people without just talking about themselves.

Narcissists like to make themselves seem untouchable, they shame normal things that people do just to give themselves a boost higher.

Even if it is everyday tasks like cooking for yourself or for normal interactions with people like being friendly to your neighbors. They could even go to the extreme as making sure you know that they are more liked by your own boyfriend than you. Or the slightly lesser of evil, make you unsure about it. If they have been in the proximity of a celebrity, they will let you know about it at least once a day.

This is how they make themselves feel superior to you.

Jealousy is the fuel of this whole narcissist image, but to me, this topic is also pretty confusing. Since jealousy is the fuel of this whole charade, it can be driven in many different ways. All in which normally come from a strand of jealousy. Whether it's them being jealous of other people or feeling like the other people are jealous of them, it has a soul purpose that leads them to act the way they do.

Also because of this jealousy, they think they can get away with whatever they feel like.

These people feel so superior that they think they can do anything they want making them more superior. Whether there are rules in place or not, they will do what they please with no thought of other people. They are likely to steal from businesses or cut in line. They will even go against friends beliefs and rules. Narcissists then put a big situation on friends because if they were to let it go, it then reinforces to the narcissist that they are okay with the bad behavior.

Now, Is everyone in your life a narcissist because they do one thing in this article?

No! Please, do not start hacking away at your friends because they show traits of narcissism because even though these are specific acts of a narcissist, these acts could also be a form of something else. I just wanted to write about this because, for that one reader that does have a narcissist in their life, they can be more aware and use this knowledge to their benefit when handling one.

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