As A Senior In College, Here Are 10 Things You Need To Focus On To Make It This Far
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As A Senior In College, Here Are 10 Things You Need To Focus On To Make It This Far

College can be hard, but it doesn't have to be.

As A Senior In College, Here Are 10 Things You Need To Focus On To Make It This Far
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It dawned on me suddenly the other day: I'm two weeks away from midterms. Which means I'm already halfway done the last fall semester I'll ever go through as an undergraduate.

I'm still not entirely sure how I feel about that (it's a weird mixture of excitement and anxiousness) and I couldn't help but go down good ol' Memory Lane. Here are x tips to follow if you want to make it to your senior year with as minimal damage as possible.

1. Study hard

A pretty cliche way to start this listicle, but it's the absolute truth. Don't forget that you are in college to get a degree and that your academics should always be a top priority for you. If they're not, you won't make it very far.

2. Surround yourself with people you care about

Make sure you have a tight-knit group of friends who you can always go to for support. College is a stressful time and having a well-established support system and an amazing group of friends is essential. Which leads me to point #3...

3. Don't be afraid to disconnect from unsatisfactory relationships

It would surprise you just how badly one person can affect your life if you allow them to constantly interfere with it. If someone is causing you more harm than good and you get anxious at the thought of being around them, let them go.

4. Join a club or organization that you're passionate about

A lot of clubs and organizations can make your college experience exciting, beneficial, and rewarding in so many possible ways. They are a great way to meet people, and more importantly, get involved in your campus community.

5. Develop and maintain relationships with your professors

Professors can help you through some of the most difficult situations and they more often than not are the most amazing people you will ever meet.

6. Don't be afraid to change your major

Although this has not happened to me, I know many people who were too afraid to change their major and are now in something that they can't stand. Take that risk and deviate from what you expected your life to be if it is turning out to not be what you expected.

7. Do a job shadow or get an internship as a first-year student

We tell students all the time that they should wait until their junior year to get an internship, but what happens if you find out that you don't like what you thought you would love? Get that experience as soon as you can, it'll only benefit you in the end.

8. Don't be afraid to utilize tutoring resources

You will eventually have to take a class where it seems like the material is just impossible. We've all been there, but luckily there are a lot of opportunities to get some extra help. Go to these resources! Like #7, it can only benefit you in the long run.

9. Look for leadership experiences and opportunities

The worst thing you can do is just sit back and let other people do the work for you.

10. But most importantly, have FUN

College is a new and exciting time for everyone. It's important to keep a good head on your shoulders, but remember to have fun and make as many memories as you can.

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