5 artists we shouldn't be supporting

5 Artists Who Don't Deserve Our Support

They don't deserve our money, either.


This past decade, several artists have been exposed for their more than unscrupulous activities, whether it's gang violence, assault or rape. Here is a list of five music artists that have gotten themselves into trouble and don't deserve an ounce of fame, money, or attention. Frankly, the only thing they deserve is jail time.

1. Tekashi 6ix9ine 


Probably one of the most recent cases of 2018, this untalented rapper will be facing at least 32 years in prison for his active membership in Bloods. He was charged with armed robbery, assault, and statutory rape, including recording a video of him and another man having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

2. R. Kelly 


R. Kelly has had a long string of rape accusations and severe amounts of proof validating these statements. Many people have forgotten Kelly's record: He married a 15-year-old girl when he was 27, had sex with a minor a few years later, and was eventually charged with child pornography for videotaping sexual intercourse with a group of minors. Many other women have spoken out against Kelly, saying they were just 16 or 17 when they were forced to have sex with Kelly, who was twice their age.

3. Chris Brown


I am guilty of listening to Chis Brown in the past, and it's probably because he essentially got away with what he did, which made it really easy for us to forget about it. In 2009, Brown beat up Rihanna in a dispute, leaving her bruised and bleeding. Brown only received a period of community labor, five years of probation, and domestic violence counseling.

4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers 


Yes, more than one band member was accused of sexual assault. Former executive Julie Farman wrote a letter entailing the sexual assault she faced by two of the band members in 1991. Too afraid to speak out at the time because of the misogynistic ideas in the music industry, she remained quiet until 2016. The band has always had a reputation for sexist and violent behavior, so this story comes as no surprise.

5. Dr. Dre 


Dre has had a long history of abusing women, including TV show hosts and his own girlfriends. Though Dr. Dre has admitted to his mistakes and said he was "out of his mind," he never received any punishment for his actions, leaving the women he battered in a terrible physical and mental state.

We tend to dismiss serious allegations against celebrities because in reality, we just don't want to hear it. We want to continue listening to our "favorite artists" despite their horrible actions. A sorry or a video of them crying and apologizing doesn't justify or lessen the crime these celebrities have committed. Whether it's a celebrity or a common man, actions of rape, murder, abuse and/or assault are never justified.

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Summer In College Is For More Than Just Working

No, you're never to hold to have fun in the summer.


There should never be an age where you stop having fun in the summer. The weather is nice, there are always things to do, and everyone is just naturally happier. So, regardless of whether you're 7 or 21, I'm talking to you.

During the year it can be hard to find a routine unless you are a very put together person. Sadly, I am not. Even when I tell myself I'm going to eat healthily, work out, and stop procrastinating, I usually don't follow through with that. At school, I find myself in somewhat of a constant catch-up mode. When I feel like I'm ahead on my homework or studying, that usually means I'm behind on being healthy in other aspects of my life. That is why I love summer. It's a chance to reset the clock for a second and catch your breath.

I get that having an internship or working is important for your post-graduation life, but having fun is important for your college years too. When you get a job in the real world, summer is going to look a lot different for you. That is why it's best to take advantage of the time now. This doesn't mean turning down that work experience, it means doing things other than just working.

First things first is finding a hobby you enjoy that you don't do at school. Pick it up for a little over the summer. Why not? For me, this is yoga. For whatever reason, I find myself too nervous to attend yoga classes at school. I have absolutely no reason to be anxious about doing something I like, but I am so I take the time to attend a few classes a week in the summer.

Secondly, try reading. Before you make that look of disgust on your face, think about the last time you read a book of your choosing. If it was recently, then kudos to you for managing your time well enough to do that. If you are not that person, then hello! I am talking to you. I am not a fan of reading because I usually associate it with homework. However, I find that when I have the time to browse the book section of a store for a few seconds, I find multiple books that jump out at me. During the summer I take the opportunity to read a little here and there. The nice part of leisure reading over school reading is that there's no deadline. You can read what you want when you want to.

Finally, learn something new. Again I usually associate learning with things that I am required to learn for my major. Learning something new that interests you is a different kind of rush. When I'm bored in class, I make bucket lists of little things I want to learn about. They can be big or small. One time I wanted to learn how to knit. Don't ask me why my 19-year-old self thought it would be sweet to sit on my porch in the summer knitting, but I did, and I'm kind of sad I didn't pursue that interest. When might I ever have time to learn how to knit again?

These might sound like quirky things to do, but you're young. Make a bucket list and try to cross one thing off each weekend. If you're like me, then you're a little scared of growing up. Scared you won't be able to accomplish all the things you want to. But, the fact of the matter is no one is going to make you accomplish them but you. So, take some initiative and do them. Summer is for more than just working; it's time to live a little and reset the clock.

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'Take It Easy'

Song by the Eagles, Cover by Dom Arena

Again this is another one of those songs that was payed on all car rides and throughout my childhood by my mother. She is a huge fan of The Eagles and definitely passed that taste of Southern rock and roll. I'm also going to dedicate this article to one of my guardian angels, my uncle Anthony, who used to rock this song out at all the family parties and all the OBX trips we'd take. This Eagles song and The Beatles 'Ticket to Ride' are the songs he played that i can remember the best, although he could really play anything.

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