5 Artists Who Don't Deserve Our Support

5 Artists Who Don't Deserve Our Support

They don't deserve our money, either.


This past decade, several artists have been exposed for their more than unscrupulous activities, whether it's gang violence, assault or rape. Here is a list of five music artists that have gotten themselves into trouble and don't deserve an ounce of fame, money, or attention. Frankly, the only thing they deserve is jail time.

1. Tekashi 6ix9ine 


Probably one of the most recent cases of 2018, this untalented rapper will be facing at least 32 years in prison for his active membership in Bloods. He was charged with armed robbery, assault, and statutory rape, including recording a video of him and another man having sex with a 13-year-old girl.

2. R. Kelly 


R. Kelly has had a long string of rape accusations and severe amounts of proof validating these statements. Many people have forgotten Kelly's record: He married a 15-year-old girl when he was 27, had sex with a minor a few years later, and was eventually charged with child pornography for videotaping sexual intercourse with a group of minors. Many other women have spoken out against Kelly, saying they were just 16 or 17 when they were forced to have sex with Kelly, who was twice their age.

3. Chris Brown


I am guilty of listening to Chis Brown in the past, and it's probably because he essentially got away with what he did, which made it really easy for us to forget about it. In 2009, Brown beat up Rihanna in a dispute, leaving her bruised and bleeding. Brown only received a period of community labor, five years of probation, and domestic violence counseling.

4. The Red Hot Chili Peppers 


Yes, more than one band member was accused of sexual assault. Former executive Julie Farman wrote a letter entailing the sexual assault she faced by two of the band members in 1991. Too afraid to speak out at the time because of the misogynistic ideas in the music industry, she remained quiet until 2016. The band has always had a reputation for sexist and violent behavior, so this story comes as no surprise.

5. Dr. Dre 


Dre has had a long history of abusing women, including TV show hosts and his own girlfriends. Though Dr. Dre has admitted to his mistakes and said he was "out of his mind," he never received any punishment for his actions, leaving the women he battered in a terrible physical and mental state.

We tend to dismiss serious allegations against celebrities because in reality, we just don't want to hear it. We want to continue listening to our "favorite artists" despite their horrible actions. A sorry or a video of them crying and apologizing doesn't justify or lessen the crime these celebrities have committed. Whether it's a celebrity or a common man, actions of rape, murder, abuse and/or assault are never justified.

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10 Fun Facts About Animals That Will 100% Make Your Day

A little animal pick-me-up.


The beautiful world that we live in is filled with so many different animals that are all unique and special. There's something to learn from each living creature on our Earth. Here are some facts about animals that will surely make you smile and maybe give you the pick up that you need!

1. 3% of the ice in Antarctica is made of penguin urine

Penguins really make their mark.

2. Dolphins name their friends

Dolphins associate a sound to each of their friends.

3. Cows love to listen to music

Cows have been shown to produce more milk when listening to slow music.

4. And they have best friends

They get stressed out when their best friend is not with them.

5. Honeybees know how to dance

They dance to survive and tell fellow honeybees where the flowers are.

6. Rats like to be tickled

Rats laugh when tickled. Who doesn't like to be tickled?

7. Squirrels will adopt orphans

If baby squirrels are left abandoned, fellow squirrels will take them in.

8. Elephants self-soothe

We all need some self love.

9. Worms want companionship and with companions snuggle

We all love to snuggle, even worms.

10. Quokka's can smile

I think I found my new favorite animal.

Hopefully, these facts about animals make you feel warm and fuzzy. Have a great day.

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5 Internet Slang Terms That Are Stupid

LOLZ mama, Yassss Qween Gawd!


If you have followed my writing, you'll know that even though I am a millennial, I despise millennials. I hate all our dumb trends and sayings. I hate what we value. I hate what we spend our time doing.

If you've followed my writing, you'll also know that I hate the Internet. In fact, I did an article about 4 things I hate on the internet, please look this up after you read this. In that article, I briefly mentioned that I hate the trend of intentionally misspelling things on social media. I also mention that I hate social media slang, but never went fully into detail.

Well, now I am. Here are 5 terms used on the internet that are stupid.

1. Mood


Okay, what does this even mean? I've seen this used as a good thing, a bad thing, an indifferent thing. You might as well just use "aloha." And why don't we just put a feeling or adjective before using the word "mood?"

2. Periodt


Seriously, what is wrong with saying "period" at the end of your definitive statement that you claim to be done talking about, but you likely will respond to comments disagreeing with you. And why do people need to use the word "period" when they are already ending their sentence with a punctuation mark? And why doe some people do this after they ended a sentence with a period? And why do people sometimes add an unnecessary "t" to this word? Especially when both spellings seem to mean the same thing.

3. Snapped, or even worse Snappedt


Again, another phrase with an unnecessary "t." However, I think these two spellings mean two different things. If you say something against someone, you snapped. If you put on a dress and makeup, you snappedt. Either way, they're both dumb.

4. Mom


Mostly used towards female celebrities, drag queens, or people on reality tv. This is just creepy, as the gif shown above is clearly telling us. These people are not your mother. They likely don't even know who you are. RuPaul's Drag Race contestant, Katya, has spoken against her fans who have done this, because she finds it weird. And if Katya thinks something is weird, it's weird.

5. Living my best life


What the hell does this even mean? And what do you have to do to accomplish it? Because it seems like all you have to do is either go to the beach or on vacation. Can you stay at home to live your best life?

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