Ariana Grande released her song "Thank U, Next" on February 8th of this year. The song has been number one of Billboard 200 for two weeks now. The main question now is "Why has it been there for so long?" Well here are three reasons why "Thank U, Next" is number one on the charts!

1. The song is super catchy.

I am not the person to be obsessed with a pop song as a punk-pop and alternative rock fan. This song has been my mood since it first came on the radio. With a repetition of the lyrics "Thank you, next," the lyrics stay with the listener, like with many pop songs, and the beat of the song is easy to dance around to no matter where you are. It is a good mix of meaningful and fun.

2. It is also relatable and reflective.

Many have gone through different relationships and took each one as a new life lesson. If you have not done that, then stop reading this now and do so. Done yet? Good. Now, that is the main thing that Ari talks about. She focuses on the lessons learned from each one and is not just bashing a new ex like some singers…*Insert singer here (Most likely T-Swift)*. She speaks on the more important ideas of it and shows that people, in this case, females, should be more reflective and learn from life.

3. She even speaks on self-love.

HONEY! This is the main point about any of this. Most of the songs today only speak about relationships or about self-love or even just sex, which is a different topic, never both in the same song. Ari speaks about herself in the third person, which may sound as if she has been with a girl instead. (Hey, LGBT needs love too.) Using the lines:

"[Verse 2]
Spend more time with my friends
I ain't worried 'bout nothin'
Plus, I met someone else
We havin' better discussions
I know they say I move on too fast
But this one gon' last
'Cause her name is Ari
And I'm so good with that (So good with that)

She taught me love (Love)
She taught me patience (Patience)
How she handles pain (Pain)
That shit's amazing (Yeah, she's amazing)…."

She is referring to herself as a stronger woman which is amazing. I feel great every time I listen to this one part. She speaks great words for many women that go through the same stuff. As a female with the same issues and reflections, it is great to have something to relate to as a "theme" of sorts.