When life gives Ariana Grande lemons, she takes full advantage of turning it into the best damn lemonade there is. Throughout most of her entire life, she was under the spotlight. Whether it was for her teen acting career or her multiple award-winning albums, her social and personal life started to become more and more public.

Now for any young girl growing up, your teens and early 20s are some of the most stressful and passionate times of your life. You're meeting boys, you're making new friends, and you're just starting to figure out the person you want to be and how you want to live. It's hard to even imagine how to handle the pressures in your life when everyone in the world has an opinion about what you are doing. The way that Ariana Grande has handled her situations has shown the world the maturity, openness, and depth that this 5'0" superstar has.

One of the aspects of life that Grande has had to share with the public is her love-life. Not only do people want to know exactly who she is dating, but they want to find out the inside scoop and the details of the relationship. Being questioned in interviews about who she spends her time with is no new thing for the star. In many interviews, she's asked to confirm or deny allegations of who she is with or who she has been "crushing" on. How would you feel if you constantly had to explain yourself and open up to billions of people? Ariana has done an absolute savage job of telling people exactly the amount she wants to. In many interviews, she dodges questions and then starts to ask the interviewer something really empowering. She tells them that she's here to talk about her and the work she's doing, not the latest gossip in her life. Allowing her to talk about what she really wants to talk about and show the world her passion, music.

In her most recent interview with Vogue, Grande opens up on a new level about the relationships that have been so public throughout the years and does so vulnerably. Speaking about the death of her ex-boyfriend, Mac Miller, and her recent break from her engagement with fiance, Pete Davidson. She allows her emotions to take over, even crying within the interview, which was something so eye-opening to fans. The headlines and tabloids are more than just words on a magazine, they are someone's life. To have the raw words and thoughts of Grande portrayed the way they were was something that so many people can relate to. The remembrance of a loved one, the loss of a best friend, and the end of a relationship are all things everyone goes through and they allow a connection. It's needless to say, but, Ariana Grande has without a doubt made that connection.

Along with relationships, Grande has also had to deal with something that is rarer. In 2017, a suicide bomber had attacked one of Grande's shows in Manchester. At this show, 23 people died, and the occurrence shook the singer to the core. She was so apologetic and concerned for everyone affected and it showed fans how much she cares and loves about them. Being able to overcome the PTSD from this event and be resilient is something so miraculous and uplifting. Returning back to Manchester just two weeks after, the singer put on a benefit concert to help the families that were involved. Just two weeks. This young woman has shown the world what she has to give and it has made more then just her fan base have respect and love for her.

It's good to know that there are still celebrities that care about more than just the latest fashion trends and materialistic things, and we know that our girl Ari is one of them. Watching a star like this grow and mature with their music and impact on the community is something so influential, and Grande is already ahead of her time. Seeing how she can connect and open up about her life in the future is something I am definitely here for.