The Skin Routine I Use Every Day For J-Lo Glowy Skin
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The Anti-Acne Skincare Routine I Use Every Day For Glowy Skin

Glowy, wrinkle-preventing, acne fighting skin care for combo-oily skin.

The Anti-Acne Skincare Routine I Use Every Day For Glowy Skin

So skincare was brought to the forefront of the beauty market a couple of years ago, leading many traditional brands to create skincare branches to appeal to the masses (e.g. Kylie Skin). After weeding through the flukes and phonies I have found a routine that has my skin 100 percent clear, glowy, and hopefully, if I fast forward 21 more years wrinkle-free.

Now you may call me crazy for being a 21-year-old that is worried about getting wrinkles but I have always fantasized about "aging gracefully." It is also never too early to start taking care of your skin especially if you're like me and have dreams of age-defying milf like skin a la J-Lo, Jennifer Anniston, and Halle Berry. This is your place.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

Organized for you in order of product application, because I know, I am the best.

This gentle face wash

A gentle face wash is best for basically any skin type. I use this Fresh Cleanser morning and nightly, it is all-natural and feels AMAZING on your face.

If you wear makeup use micellar water to remove all of your makeup and excess dirt before going back in and washing your face.

Day and nightly use.

This over-the-counter retinoid for acne


Now if you don't have acne go ahead and skip this step.

If you do have acne, this stuff IS for you. It is the only retinoid acne medication available over the counter without a prescription and is very reasonably priced, especially for skincare.

My skin is just very prone to breakouts especially in my T-zone area (forehead, nose, chin) so I apply this basically all over the center of my face and have had amazing results, and by amazing I mean literally totally clear skin and no pimples what so ever since it was recommended to me by a friend months ago.

Day and nightly use.

A non-drying toner


Another amazing product from Fresh.

I have found that the cult-loved toners from brands like Mario Badescu and Thayer's are waaaaaaay too drying and strip oils from my skin. This may sound good to oily-prone skin peeps but in reality, you want your skin to keep and absorb as much moisture as possible, that way your skin doesn't overproduce oils leading to sebum, whiteheads, pimps.. and wrinkles.

Gentle, simple, all-natural, and smells like roses.

Day and nightly use.

A brightening eye cream


Banish those lil' dark circles with intense ingredients like caffeine. You will see immediate results after patting this cream all over your eye area.

Day and nightly use.

A fast-acting Vitamin C serum


This stuff is so so so good. Ole Hendrickson really hit the mark on it. It makes your skin glow to the gods, honey. I could talk about this all day.

Back to the point, I really think a Vitamin C serum is integral in any skincare routine. Give this one a try, and I promise you will see results within a week.

Game. Changer.

Day and nightly use.

A wrinkle-fighting serum


I was first introduced to this serum when I went to The Ordinary's Soho store in NYC a few years ago. Since then The Ordinary skincare brand has literally blown up, it is all over social media, in stores like Sephora and Ulta, and for good reason too. The Ordinary has amazing quality skincare for so so so cheap.

This Amino Acids serum is a machine, warding off fine lines and wrinkles, which even at the ripe age of 21 I feel I need to erase.

Day and nightly use.

An overnight peeling serum



This Nick Coletti vine is how I feel about this product.

First off, do not use this during the day, like ever.

This lactic acid serum is a chemical peeling serum, so it works to do the same thing that any physical exfoliant (like a scrub) would but does so chemically. This serum sheds off the top layers of your skin, making cell turnover happen faster, leading to new skin surfacing AND it encourages your skin to continue to generate new cells.

Basically what I am trying to say is that this is gentle enough for young skin but is still the mother of anti-aging products, and it does it all while you are sleeping. If you do pick up this bad boy you really have to use sunscreen during the day because your fresh skin is more susceptible to sun damage.

Nightly use only.

A luxurious, pore-minimizing moisturizer


This is THE moisturizer.

The Tatcha brand Is so boujie but so worth it, it even comes with a little gold spatula on the top so you don't contaminate the product with your dirty little fingies. The Japanese, man, they are just so good at everything they do its actually unfair.

This cream smells amazing, and when you put it on it feels like baby angles are tap dancing on your face in a Japanese spa its seriously that good.

In all seriousness, it does an amazing job of layering over all the products I put on previously and has so many benefits it seems almost impossible. It is recommended for those trying to minimize their pores.

The ultimate self-care product.

Day and nightly use.

This breakout-fighting SPF


Last but certainly not least, is sunscreen. If you are going to take anything away from this it should be that sunscreen is the most important step of any skincare routine.

I can't put regular sunscreen on my face because I will breakout. I took my troubles to Sephora and they recommended the Supergoop brand to me to use on my face and I haven't tried anything else since. This sunscreen doesn't leave a white cast on your face or feel heavy enough where you have flashbacks to your mom caking SPF on your face before swim practice.

This particular sunscreen is something I cannot live without as it not only works on your face but you can wear it on your body too, following advice from momager Kris Jenner, I always apply sunscreen on my face, neck, chest and the top of my hands to protect the spots that show aging the earliest the best.

This brand has tons of different variations on their classic products now with tinted sunscreen or glowy ones too!

And that's a wrap on my obsessively researched skincare routine, ladies and gents!

I also bring all my face products down my neck down to my chest to keep my decolletage looking glowy.

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