An Open Letter To The Friends I Made In College
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An Open Letter To The Friends I Made In College

Thank you everyone who gave me the greatest four years of my life.

An Open Letter To The Friends I Made In College

How does one begin to explain the bond between friends you have made in college? We survived through the most difficult few years of our lives this far-- together. We saw each other laugh and cry, probably saw a few of us make a few stupid, drunk choices, but most of all we helped push each other to the next chapter of our lives. And let's be honest: once we graduate, we would give so much for just one more weekend with everyone who made those four years the greatest you could have ever imagined.

Most of the people you made acquaintances with impacted your life in some way. First, there is your roommate who saw you do more bizarre things than just about anyone else you know. Then you have your group of friends who you pretty much lived with and told everything to, commonly referred to as your "squad." Maybe you met your boyfriend or girlfriend there? Of course you cannot forget those friends you made that might not be your closest, but certainly made life on campus all the more fun. College is such a strange place that allows you to meet hundreds of different people who you may have never had the opportunity to talk to, drink with future doctors and lawyers, and a place where talking about the thirteen minute nap you took before class is an excellent conversation starter.

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So first things first, a letter to my roommate:

You were my rock. You saw me at my best and my worst. You heard my cries when I was upset and helped me stand right back up. You played the role of mother and sibling to me when I was away from home. You made me actually attend class, and you took care of me when I was sick. You took and posted embarrassing Snapchats of me on your story and you always made sure I was laughing.

You told me when I was acting dumb and needed to get my head on straight and nothing you said could ever offend me (usually). Boundaries did not exist.

"I am going to go to the bathroom with the door open so nothing is awkward between us, okay?"

"Coffee run?"

Was that even an actual question? You fed me when I was too lazy to get up and make food or drive five minutes to Chipotle. Saturday mornings were meant for lying next to each other, drinking coffee, watching television, and gossiping about how everyone was annoying us. You were the first person I would go to for advice. We knew when we should leave each other alone and when we needed each other there. You annoyed me sometimes, but I know I did too. We knew each other better than the backs of our own hands. Thank you for everything you did for me.

To my group of friends (#squad):

We were all different. We came from different backgrounds and had different majors. We each had our own personality, and I think that is what made us so great. Opposites attract, right? We supported each other at all times; especially if we were miserable because we had three exams in two days and did not eat or sleep, and our bodies were pretty much running off caffeine and granola bars.

But luckily, even when we were monsters, we still found a way to laugh. We never needed anyone else to have fun. We will never forget those random Tuesday nights when we were all sitting in the living room doing homework and one person would suggest shots, and we would all wake up the next morning wondering why we did that. We were a small family with millions of inside jokes.

Every single night, regardless of what we did throughout the day, all of us shuffled into one apartment at one point or another and sat there doing homework until we decided to go to bed. The best part about having a "group" is that we all bonded on such a strong level because we were dealing with the notorious stress of college. Someone failed an exam? Well, you had us to go back to and talk about it (maybe those random Tuesday night shots occurred more than once because of this). Running out of meals? I have plenty, TAKE THEM. Burrito run at 2 am? Guess what, there are nine people squeezing into your five-seated car because you decided to be DD for the night.

You all helped me through a lot and I cannot thank you enough. Now that we are all home, and living our lives separately, it is always nice to meet back up to reminisce all the great times we shared. But the best part about having a group of friends in college? They were the people who you had the time of your life with and you have hundreds of stories that will never be forgotten. They are your friends you will always want to catch up with for the rest of your life.

To my boyfriend/ girlfriend:

Whether we dated the last two years of college, since high school, or were a new relationship when we graduated, all I have to do is say, "thank you." Thank you for dealing with my stress and frustration. I know I was not always the best I could be, and I know I was definitely a pain at times, but you stuck through it with me.

While you were stressed and always doing your homework, I sat next to you and did mine.You saw my tears first hand and wiped them away. You were my number one fan and I know I was yours. I always told you news first, good or bad. I admired your determination and fell for the ambition you had to finish your degree. I watched you write codes for different computer programs and you watched me draw out different Organic Chemistry reaction mechanisms. We pushed through it.

During the weekdays, school came first, but on the weekends, you were such an awesome person to have fun with. We were each other’s support system. Contrary to popular belief, we did not hold each other back. In fact, we pushed each other further. Many people look down on having a boyfriend or girlfriend in college, but without you, who knows where I would be? And for that, I thank you.

And to everyone else:

Thanks for giving me the best four years of my life. No, I would never do undergrad again, but I would give so much for just one more weekend with all of you. Random bonding in the hallway talking about how stressed we are for any exams we have coming up, sitting in the student center until 3 am studying for a final and accidentally making eye contact with a stranger, but giving each other the look of helplessness and thinking "I understand," or the nasty dorm food-- all memories I never want to experience again.

But the heart-to-hearts after a few shots with people you do not talk to regularly, beer pong and flippy cup, and taking embarrassing Snapchats that do not make sense? Of course, I would do that once more. It's not acceptable in the real world. College is little fantasy world full of parties, stress, and unexplainable fun. So to everyone still in college, ENJOY IT. You will miss it once it becomes a distant memory.

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