An Open Letter To Students During Midterm Week

Dear Stressed Out Students-

It's me - Mid-Term Week. I know you are all stressed out, running on Starbucks and quizlet and spending all hours of the day trapped in the library. It feels like just yesterday it was syllabus week: a simpler time when life was filled with happiness and joy. However, you don't have to hate me. Although I bring out the worst in you, remember, I'm just a week long, and in the grand scheme of things, I'm not THAT important.

Below is a helpful list of things you should do to get you through this time:

1. Create a study schedule.

Organize your schedule for the week and be sure to insert time for certain papers, assignments, and studying. Although it seems naive, when you take the time to schedule out when you are going to do stuff and you designate certain times for certain activities, you will find yourself to be less stressed and overwhelmed. You'll also find that you have more time than you think!

2. Be sure to go to your extra-curriculars.

Although it may seem as if studying is the only thing you have time for, don't forget to schedule your clubs and activities in there as well. After all, even though studying is our major focus in school, another major part is to get to know ourselves, others, and the world we live in. Experiencing one another in the various clubs and activities that we partake in is just as important as spending time reading your notes!

3. Stay Healthy

The beginning of fall is definitely one of my favorite times of the year. However, this means more and more people starting to get sick at the same time. The last thing you need on top of your 3 midterms and 2 papers is to get sick right in the middle of it. Take care of yourself and be wary of other people. This includes sleeping. I sound hypocritical writing this one because the time is currently 2:04 a.m., however, it's true: SLEEP IS IMPORTANT. Everyone always says it, and at this point it just gets brushed to the side. But sleep is truly the key to success this week and maintaining a constant sleep cycle will help you get through the demands of it all. But stay strong and kick the college epidemic in the butt!

4. Learn Something

The worst thing that can happen after this week is over is for you to not have learned anything. Sure, you probably wrote up a great study sheet that you can use for the final. And maybe you re-read 4 chapters of your biology textbook, or took countless Statistics practice tests. When going through this week, make sure you're actually learning something. Every class you are taking is important in the formation of whatever major you are pursuing, and is meant to teach you something, whether it's about your career, your religion, or life in general. Don't get caught up in memorizing definitions and formulas... actually learn to apply this new information to your life so you receivesome benefit after it's over.

Again, my goal isn't to hurt you. I'm sorry for the stress I put on you and wish there wasn't such a negative connotation around my name. Every time you give up and lose hope, just remind yourself of the bigger picture. Remember the excitement you had during the first week of school, and remember the long run. You can do this, I'm rooting for you!

Best of luck this week,

Midterm Week.

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