An Honest Reflection By An Incoming College Senior

Four years just like that, how did it go by so quickly? Lately, I've been thinking about everything leading up to the present which is quite interesting. Every night of going out as well as each night my friends and I stayed in and just reminisced on old times as well as caught up with each other. I try to think about the harder days as well as the best days of my college experience which made it everything it was. Throughout doing this, I found it difficult to pinpoint specific days or moments in which I came to certain realizations. There were so many days that made up weeks which turned into months that I couldn't even begin to separate in my head. Luckily I have another year left to be present and live in the moment as well as remind myself how important it is to truly live out every second of college. We don't think about it while it's happening, but rather when it's over and all you can do is look back.

I'm grateful that I came to this realization just before my senior year starts because I want to be aware of everything that's happening around me. You can't live out your college experience again, it's a one-time thing and I never thought about how precious that is. Yes, it sounds cheesy but it's so true and relatable to every young adult embarking on something that will change their lives forever. I can confidently say that I am a fully different person than I was 3 years ago. I expected it to be this way but it was unknown as to who I would be after those four years are over. With that said, I am still changing and evolving as a person because my four years aren't up just yet.

A year ago today I was preparing to start my junior year and now I'm days away from setting up my apartment one last time as the year begins. It's freaky yet it's reassuring knowing that growth is constantly happening and it's okay to doubt yourself at times as the future is something we all fear due to the unknown. As much as I wish I could place a memory in the past and move on from a difficult situation or time, I'm thankful that looking back on it could create growth. The more that we allow the mistakes to happen and reflect on the hard times, the easier it'll be to look back in a healthy way.

So as I embark on the last leg of my collegiate journey, I aspire to do everything in the moment and make extremely smart decisions. I'll listen to my gut and create memories that I'll actually want to look back on and remember for the rest of my life. I'll lead my conversations with the most open perspective and give people the time they deserve to spend and enjoy those last few moments in general. As difficult as it is to close this chapter, there's always an exciting one ahead.

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