America: 'The Country That Cares For Its Own'
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America: 'The Country That Cares For Its Own'

Three things American Care About that are apparently VITAL to our society..

America: 'The Country That Cares For Its Own'
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Amurica. The U dot S dot. Uncle Sam. The Land of the Free. The Home of the Brave. One Nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty & justice for all.

The United States of America. I'd called you cute, but I'm scared that to comment on such a prominent worldly visage such as this, I'd be viciously cut down by blades of those silver tongued nationalists.

Besides that though, America? Ha, cute.

It's sad that a country, once so filled with superficial pride and unnecessary supremacy has dwindled to the a simplistic laughing stock of the world. So, America, I'd like to help you out.

I present to you:

3 Things Americans Care About that are apparently VITAL to our society:

Number one: The outstanding Morals of our political figures and societal leaders.

Once again dare I say it? Cute, America. We now choose to follow up and critique the moral values of EVERY political figure, correct?

Number two: An athlete (yes, some one who gets payed to play a sport for the ENTERTAINMENT of our country to watch) refusing to stand up for the National Anthem?

Okay. I've even challenged this a few times in school myself, only because of my own personal beliefs. My homeroom teacher made a big deal about it when I didn't stand up for the pledge, when the last time I checked, I was permitted to utilized the rights established "for me" by "our" Constitution. No, I am not a matyr of the public, nor was I being broadcast on national television. Point is, THIS IS NOT DAMAGING OUR COUNTRY. THIS IS CALLED MAKING A STATEMENT. Same as the statement of the lynched black man in the park in the middle of downtown Atlanta with the KKK flyers so strategically placed in that park from the night before. Check your government, not your athletes. Athletes are regular people, who should be treated as such, our government officials (from what I've gathered from my few years of living) are not. So scold them, make them do their parts as American citizens, threaten to suspend them from their jobs. That might make a difference in the way our country is run (then again, maybe not).

Number Three: The difference between "n*igger" & "n*gga" to a group of Christian private school students.

Wow. So.We're all people, right? We all make mistakes, right? SO, let's just create the excuse that, "Hey, they're just a bunch of teenagers who don't know any better..."

That's cool. I get it. Except, when people try to justify ignorance. That's what I don't get.

See, you know what you know, and you can not know what you don't know, and that is a part of life. Every day we are learning, growing, and adapting from experiences. But, it is an incorrect assumption to think that it is okay to create a farce of cultural discrimination. Being that these students took it further than to say a word, that offends some and used heavily by others, but to group a category of people by the original definition of this word is where a line is drawn. A people of ignorance. In order, to understand this bullet, the images below took place under the comments section of a student from a Christian private school.

The irrelevance of this conversation cannot began to touch the relevance of the hidden issues at this Florida school to include, but not limited to: rape, sexual assault by teachers, sexual assault by other students, blatant racial discrimination by teachers, blatant racial discrimination by staff, domestic violence, etc:

Everything that is talked about isn't worth talking about, and everything that isn't talked about is even worth talking about. There are REAL issues going on in our country, and going on in our world. These bullets above represent the places where we need to step back and revaluate our priorities and reevaluate our previous evaluation our priorities (because from the looks of bullet number one, we're not exactly seeing them all the way through). Talk about something that's worth our time doing something about because according to the rest of the world (and also domestically), Americans are stupid and their stupidity has leaked to their media and what they decide is important in their lives.

So how do we fix that, America?

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