I Always Come Back

“Why do I keep coming back?” My strong words hold no meaning because no matter what, I come back. I always do. I always will. Friends and family won’t understand it. The gods have played a foul game with us. What did we ever do to sway their eyes on us? Are we villains who’ll never get their happy ending? Did we anger them by our happiness?

“You’re so addictive that it hurts.” I can’t keep away from you. Your body pressed into mine is the only thought that crosses my mind as my fingers frantically find release on my clit. Breath hitches in my throat pretending it’s your hands stopping the flow of air. You weren’t the one who took my virginity but why are we being punished as if it were? The gods have a twisted sense of humor, I suppose.

“I’ve played all my cards, and that’s what you’ve done too.” I gave this relationship all I had to offer. My walls run deep into my childhood and my strength to fight for us came from you. I understand you, because I understand myself. We are more similar than you give us credit for. We are both flawed in the emotions department but we had each other. We taught one another to love. Yet, that means nothing to you. You whisper broken promises on honey filled lies. “Nothing more to say, no more ace to play.”

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