Swarms of security guards run towards me. They start shouting and accusing me of breaking and entering…

It was July 6th, 2017–my 17th birthday. I was on vacation with my family and friends in Singapore; We had been there for at least a week by this point. Since it was my birthday, I planned out the entire day. I desperately wanted to go to Sentosa Island (an island associated with Singapore), so we spent the day there, which is where our story takes place.

After many exciting things that day, including an indoor skydiving simulator, luge rides, cable cars, and a sky tower, it was time for dinner. I picked a seafood restaurant inside of an aquarium, and we made a reservation for 7 P.M. However, the aquarium itself closed at 5 P.M., so they gave us directions to get to the alternate entrance.

We left for the restaurant at 6:30, using the directions they had provided us, and we ended up in the middle of a parking garage with no restaurant in sight.

After walking around for what seemed like hours and two phone calls, we finally arrived, and it was on the opposite side of the parking garage where we originally arrived. Yes, the entrance of the restaurant was in a parking garage.

We sat down and looked at the menus. Each individual meal was at least $200, costing around $1,400 for the seven of us, so we quietly got up and left. Since we had so much trouble finding that restaurant in the first place, we got lost trying to find the exit of the parking garage. We came across a door that lead to what looked like the outside, so of course, we all went through.

Next thing we knew, we were in the middle of a water park after hours. We saw security guards running towards us, shouting to stay still and not move. I think all of us were in so much shock at this point that we didn't know what to do or say. They accused us of breaking into the water park, and then they accused us of hiding somewhere until they closed, just so we could get in for free. My dad explained to them that all we did was walk through a door, but they didn't believe us. We explained ourselves to them for at least 20 minutes, but we couldn't say much more than we already had since we were so confused ourselves.

They finally escorted us out of the park, and that concluded the craziest birthday of my life.