According to For the Win by USA Today the Alabama-LSU game is more than just a college football game. On election years, since 1984, the winner of the game predicts the outcome of the presidential election. If LSU wins, then a Republican will be in the White House and if Alabama wins, then a Democrat will be President.

1984: LSU 16 - Alabama 14, Ronald Reagan (R)

1988: LSU 19 - Alabama 18, George H.W. Bush (R)

1992: Alabama 31 - LSU 11, Bill Clinton (D)

1996: Alabama 26 - LSU 0, Bill Clinton (D)

2000: LSU 30 - Alabama 28, George W. Bush (R)

2004: LSU 26 - Alabama 10, George W. Bush (R)

2008: Alabama 27 - LSU 21, Barack Obama (D)

2012: Alabama 21 - LSU 17, Barack Obama (D)

This trend is very interesting because Alabama has gone red in every single election the game has decided even the years that Democrats won. LSU has also gone red every year except for 1992 and 1996. This year Alabama won, 10-0, over LSU. So, will Hillary Clinton win the presidency? Or will Donald Trump win, throwing off the 32-year trend? Go out and vote and we shall see.