Winter break is finally here, and students can finally sit back and relax. The problem many students face is when they just sit around on their phone or play video games because it makes break feel very tedious.

There are so many other things students can go out and do to make this winter break a memorable one. In fact, according to Psychology Today, "New events make more vivid memories, and the more we reflect on those memories, the better they are preserved, and the slower time seems to go."

For those students that live in colder areas, there are still options out there. Ice skating is always a big one along with sledding and tobogganing. For those in warmer areas, it may be easier to do outdoor activities such as camping or going on a hike. Aside from these activities, the weather does not always restrict our opportunities.

Students can travel to a different city nearby whether that would be by train or car. It would be a great way to get out of the house and do other things you would not typically do at home. To be more adventurous, students could go on a road trip with friends or family to a different state and explore the different activities and environment.

For those that cannot afford to go out to different places, there's always an option that keeps us close to home. Students can create a day of adventure by finding things to do near them online. Then, students can plan out their day from there, taking up every second of the day to do something amazing.

It is important to remember that sitting on our phones all day or playing video games is probably what students already do while school is in session. This break is an opportunity to do something more. It will always contain memories that will stay with you forever once you unplug and step outside.