Why you should get a English Springer Spaniel
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10 Reasons You Need To Adopt An English Springer Spaniel Right Now

They are just so dang cute.

10 Reasons You Need To Adopt An English Springer Spaniel Right Now
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Seven years ago, on the day before Christmas Eve, I woke up to my younger brother yelling "PUPPY!!!!" from downstairs. With no context, my other siblings and I all ran downstairs not caring that we were abruptly woken from our winter break slumbers. A minute later, both of my parents walked in the front door with a tiny little puppy in tow.

Our Christmas present that year turned out to be the best present we would ever get. Seven years later, our English Springer Spaniel, Charlie, continues to bring smiles to our faces every single day. I hope after you read this, you too will want to go adopt a little tri-colored Springer Spaniel because they are one of the best dogs out there.

1. They are so cute

Julie Charlebois

LOOK AT THAT FACE! This face deserves all the love in the world, and believe me Charlie gets ALL the love, not only from my family but anyone who comes to our house, including UPS delivery people.

2. They have a wiggle butt

Julie Charlebois

This may be specific to Charlie but he has a tendency to let his hind legs move faster than his front legs when he is excited which means he is a walking comma! His little tail wiggles so fast when he is happy!

3. They give you so much love

Julie Charlebois

They are always down for cuddling and seem to think they are still a lap dog even when they are way to big to fit.

4. They are everyone's favorite dog

Julie Charlebois

Ask any of our friends who their favorite Charlebois is, they will probably say Charlie.

5. They are unique

Julie Charlebois

Everyone knows about Cocker Spaniels but not as many people have heard of English Springer Spaniels.

6. They are playful and protective

Julie Charlebois

When we got Charlie, the breeder told us that if we were looking for a guard dog, this was not the breed for us. Luckily, that is not what we wanted. Charlie loves everyone and will gladly give you kisses no matter who you are. But he will still bark at the mailman like any faithful puppy.

7. They are the perfect size and are SO SOFT

Julie Charlebois

This is more of a personal thing but Springers are a medium sized dog, not small and yappy but also not big and intimidating. Bonus, their fur is the softest I have ever felt. Best dogs ever.

8. They will be your best friend

Julie Charlebois

Charlie is always excited when I come home after being away. Last time I left home, he saw my bags being loaded into the car and dropped his toy and his ears fell. I almost couldn't leave.

9. They are down for adventures

Julie Charlebois

If Charlie ever got out of the house and wouldn't come back inside, we would just open the car door so he thought we were going on a road trip and he would hop right in!

10. They are great with other animals

Julie Charlebois

We had a cat named Kylie when Charlie came into our home. Charlie was so excited to make a new friend! Kylie on the other hand was very territorial at first but eventually the two became friends. When Kylie passed, Charlie wasn't the same for several weeks, he knew she was gone. But we adopted our cat Spencer a few years later and now those two are best buds!

So there you have it! 10 reasons you need to go find a Springer Spaniel in need of a home right now!

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