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Amongst the many excuses as to why people don't read, one of them is the cost of books. Many people struggle to justify spending a ton of money on books, and luckily there are many options that allow you to avoid breaking the bank.

Use your local libraries


Getting a library card and checking out books from your local libraries is free, and a great way to read as many books as you like! Most libraries have any titles you could possibly want.

Borrow books from friends


Chances are you and your friends have a good bit in common, and thus may be interested in the same books and subjects you are! Visiting a friends house and pursuing through their books, or even offering to lend a book of your own to them, is a great way to experience new books without having to spend any money.

Buy books from thrift stores/second hand stores


Books from thrift stores, or second-hand books, are usually sold for next to nothing, and are lightly worn. Buying anything from thrift stores, especially books, is a great way to "reduce, reuse, and recycle". Healthy for your wallet and the planet.

Used books off of Amazon


Amazon offers many titles of books like any other actual bookstore, and often times, they also resell used books of the same titles. This is a great way to buy lightly used books without having to pay full price for a new copy. Amazon has ratings for the level to which used books are worn, and often times the more worn it is, the cheaper it is.

Donations from libraries


If you're someone that enjoys actually owning the books you read, still head over to the library! Most libraries usually have a small section of copies of books you can take, and keep, for free. Often times these books are ones the library already has too many copies of, or is too worn for them to continue to rent out.

All of these options are great ways to access both old and new titles for a significantly less price than those that are full price. With this information, buying, and reading books, will be easier than ever! No more excuses, get to reading.

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