Thank you to the fur babies that have changed my life.
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A Thank You Letter To My Cats

To the furry babies that have improved my life beyond words.

A Thank You Letter To My Cats

Dearest Cupcake and Muffin,

I remember when we first brought you home in December of 2013; you two were so small back then. We had just had to put down our beloved cat, Pearl, and we wanted to fill the fluffy, kitty-cat shaped hole in our hearts. I remember seeing you two at the PetSense on that cold, winter afternoon. Your cage was too small to fit both of you in, and because you were already about 16 weeks old, you were having trouble getting adopted. I remembered thinking to myself, "How could two 16 week old cats be so tiny?" Behind two tiny bowls of food and water, I could see two little, emaciated fluffy faces. Two faces that called out to be loved.

The lady at PetSense told us that you two were about to be sent back to your home shelter, a kill shelter. Mom and I were devastated; we had absolutely fallen in love with you. However, we came in with the intention to only adopt one cat. Mom and I simply couldn't justify bringing home two babies, that is, of course, until the worker told us that they would adopt out both cats for the price of adopting one. We jumped on the opportunity, and when they handed you to us, I realized just how tiny you two were. I could hold you both in one hand; I could feel your bones.

I remember watching you two grow up and play like healthy kitties. I remember watching you eat like you hadn't had a solid meal in weeks. I remember watching your anxiety fall away. You had started to trust us. Thank you for allowing us to take care of you, even if the new house and new people scared you. Thank you for allowing us to giggle at you when you first discovered what mirrors were. Thank you for being so sweet, even though your personalities are so vastly different.

Throughout the years, you two have been there through thick and thin. You have comforted me when I was sad or angry, and you have been my cuddle buddies every day without fail. Thank you for allowing us to take endless pictures and terrorize you the with the infamous red dot. Five years after your adoption, you are now healthy and happy. Cupcake and Muffin, you will never know how much happiness you have brought to our little family.

You two are like my sweet, cute, feline children. I have bonded with others over you, and it never fails to make me excited to show you two off. Mom still sends me photos of you, and I feel the overwhelming urge to show you off to everyone around me. When I visit home from college, as soon as I walk through the door, I have to snatch one of you up and carry you till you scream to make me put you down. You never seem to mind though. I love that you two still meow at me to open the door so you can go on the (screened in) porch. To me, you aren't just cats; you are family.

Thank you for bringing us dead mice or turning lizards loose in the house. Thank you for making us laugh till we are short of breath. Thank you for comforting my mom and grandma when I left for college. Thank you for actively participating in mom's FaceTime calls. Cupcake, thank you for screaming all the time and making us laugh. Muffin, thank you for demanding belly rubs and fighting for ownership of the sink. Thank you for your unending love and trust. Some people might say that that's just because you're cats, and they are so wrong. Thank you for being so open to changes, from moving houses to bringing new people into our home. You were there for it all. I am so lucky you two chose us to be your family. We love you, Cuppy-doo and Muffin-doodle. You're the most amazing cats ever.

With all my love and cat treats,


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