A Day in the Life of a Remote College Student
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A Day in the Life of a Remote College Student

By Madison Palmieri

A Day in the Life of a Remote College Student

I usually start my day around seven in the morning with a cup of tea in my favorite Friends mug on the living room sofa, scrolling through social media and catching up on news and emails.

Instead of pulling on my typical brand-new back-to-school jeans and cardigans, I opt for one of my many sweatshirts and a pair of exercise pants: the unofficial uniform of Zoom University, of which I consider myself a student.

Fortunately, I managed to avoid taking any much-dreaded 8:30 am classes, so I find myself taking long morning walks through the neighborhood, passing my old elementary school and breathing in the salted air of the town beach.

After this much-needed burst of energy, I settle into my room, gently close the door to let my family know that I'm not to be disturbed, and tackle my assignments. The view of my street, with its extensive trees and busy sidewalks, creates a scenic backdrop as the sounds of cars driving by and people walking provide a regular soundtrack of soothing background noise.

Classes are a lot less awkward over Zoom than I feared they'd be: while there are sometimes technical difficulties and loud silences after my professors ask questions, they are incredibly accommodating, patient, and kind, which makes all the difference.

When classes are over for the day and I begin my homework anew as the afternoon fades into evening, I begin to smell the familiar aromas of my mom's cooking and look forward to dinner with my family, after which I either finish my homework or watch the evening news for a little while before settling in to watch a few episodes of television or a movie with my sister.

On the weekends, I watch movies with my best friend from high school, regaling each other with the tragedies and triumphs of our respective weeks, comparing notes on how our remote semesters are going. I'm in a book club with my college friends, some of whom are also studying remotely for the semester, and aside from discussing and debating each week's reading, we relax, catch up, and just enjoy each other's company. It is this time with friends, these shared moments of genuine happiness, that more so than anything else remind me that studying remotely is temporary, but these college memories—as unexpected and untraditional as they may be—are moments I will always cherish.

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